Home Décor Ideas For Thanksgiving Day 2014 – Part 2


Decorating for the Happy thanksgiving day makes the whole day have a fantastic feel to it. The décor creates an aura and ambiance such that people when look around feel the blessing of God in disguise.

Here are Happy Thanksgiving Day décor ideas 2014

Cloche Encounter:


You can pile miniature white pumpkins into a bell jar and top with a plate but place it by turning over such that plate sits on the tabletop. This is easy.

Candle With Votive Holders:

Candle Votive Holders

Wrap glass votive holders in textural flair. Put inside a candle and create a cozy glow.

Use colored glass bottles as decoration for windowsill and shelf. Add berries in gold, red and green to display.

Make a decorative turkey as a centerpiece on the table. Use scrapbook papers to make feather and write on them “Give thanks.”

Thanksgiving Card Tray:

Thanksgiving Card Tray

Simple fall season cards to show people their place on the table.

In glass containers add beans, nuts of the fall hues to be kept for table decoration.

Make Acorn Motives:

Thanksgiving Day Table Decor

Place pretty votive on the mantel, dining table, and coffee table. Gather acorns layer in a cup and a small candle in it.

Moss and rocks around the candle decoration will look amazing.

Start by putting corn kennels, burgundy cockscomb celosia, orange, brown oak, dried hops, etc.

Towels are well decorated with the towel rings.

Make a centerpiece for the table using the pumpkin basket. Hollow the pumpkin and place wet floral foam inside and then position the seasonal flowers inside. Surround with fall blooms, berries, and candles, rocks, and moss.

A vase filled with feather filled the display. Arrange wheat, feathers Hypericum berries, etc. and fill it with birdseed.

Display your old chinaware and vintage collection and create a display. Add fresh flowers or artificial flowers around.

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