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Black and Gray Interior Design Ideas

Black and white is a timeless classic color combination that can be safely used in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms, and even living rooms to give them an air of sophistication and class. Using different patterns and designs can prevent this color combination from becoming ordinary or boring. A healthy dose of imagination, when used with this color scheme, can work wonders for your house.

Patterns On Wall

Fancy Peaceful Black And White Room

A black and white combination can be used on walls in interesting ways to prevent your room from becoming dull. Stripes and checkerboard patterns on walls can be created to add drama. Different shades of black like gray or silvery black can be combined with black to create interesting patterns. Similarly, white can be substituted with other pastel colors.


Black and Grey Interior Design

Kitchen cabinets painted in white, with black tiling and black granite platforms for the stove, are a good clean look for the kitchen. A classic leather black sofa in the living room can be replaced with a funky striped one to get a new twist. Wardrobes and other furniture can be added in black or some other shade of black like grey with neatly painted white walls.

Spots Of Interest

Black and White Kitchen

An alternative way of using a black and white combination in homes is using some well-placed dollops of black and white in a room painted in sober beige. A striking printed wall piece or curtains can serve this purpose very well.

Bathroom Cabinets

Sleek black sink cabinets look wonderful with nickel hardware. A strategically placed mirror and somber white lighting are wonderful and a classic look for your bathroom.

All Black And White

White Room Black Design Accents

All black and white is a classic take on the black and white combination. Simply tiled white floors in living rooms with beige painted walls and stale black classic furniture is a wonderful look for living rooms. Such classic combinations, however, work best in bedrooms, with pristine white beds contrasted with fleecy blankets and pillowcases. Stainless steel designs on furniture and additions of mirrors on the classic black wardrobe in the bedroom can make the room more glamorous and mysterious.

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