Home Décor – Organizing and Maintenance


In order to organize and maintain your house make sure you follow the following things:

Kitchen Magazine Rack

1. Make your own magazine rack – in your kitchen, you can create your handmade magazine rack and place all the homemade recipes and cooking magazines in that and whenever you wish to make something out of it you can quickly reach it. In this way the magazine will be maintained without creating any clutter.

Wooden Ladder Shelf Oaklad

2. Use a ladder for the storage of shoes – you can maintain and organize your footwear on an old unused ladder. You can hang all of them to the ladder. This will cover no space on the floor leaving the floor clean and tidy. You can place the ladder at the corner or outside your house to maintain your shoes.

Cigar Box

3. Use of cigar boxes – you can make use of cigar boxes to keep small items for which you need drawers. In this way the drawers can be emptied and left clean by keeping all the stuff out of it.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

4. Store paints in mason jars – for all those leftover paints you can make use of Mason jar to restore them. You can empty the paint cans and fill these jars with all the paint in them. Instead of throwing away the unused paints try to store them up.

Rattan Baskets Storage

5. Make use of baskets – many a times the towels, bed sheets and many such things are placed on the beds itself. This makes it look cluttered. An easy way to store them is to place them in the baskets. You can keep the baskets on the side of a room or on a shelf. This will save so much of space.

Zig Zag Hooks

6. Hang up your hand bags – instead of placing your hand bags anywhere you can simply hang them in zig zag hooks which are placed on the walls in order to save space and maintain your belongings.

Sock Organiser Belts7. Make use of sock organizers – you can make use of sock organizers to keep ties and belts. It is very useful and is kept like a drawer in a perfect way.

8. Clear drawers – you can keep your perfumes, watches, hanky’s and other accessories in a perfect shape by keeping them in trays that are made up of glass or also called clear trays. This will help you maintain your things when you need them on time.

9. Using bamboo blinds – if there are no cabinets in your house and you have to hide the laundry and you want to hide the messy shelves then you can simply place them behind bamboo blinds.

10. Wine rack – you can stock your towels on a wine rack and place them in the bathroom. This saves a lot of space to keep the towels otherwise and they are also maintained at one place.

11. Makeup kit – you can make use of your makeup kit for storing all the crafty supplies. You can fill the kit up with such things and make use of them when required without anything being lost.

If you make use of the above mentioned ideas in your own home you will see how much space can be saved and all your items are well maintained.

Bamboo BlindsWine Rack Towel Holder


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