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You must have heard the age-old saying that a man’s home is his castle. We can give it a contemporary avatar as ‘every person’s home is his or her palace.’ You will agree that it holds true. We all want our home to look as lavish as a palace, don’t we?

Now comes the practical part. The majority of us simply don’t have that kind of home décor budget. So, does it mean that we can’t have rooms that look elegant and lavish? Not quite.  From employing mirrors to mounting luxe custom curtains, here are our top tips to help you make your home décor look luxurious.

  1. Seek Inspiration From The Right Kind Of Sources.

Planning begins with inspiration. To give your home a lavish look makeover, seek inspiration from places that are already lavish. Hotels you stay in in interior décor magazines, Instagram accounts of leading designers, Pinterest posts, etc. Save screenshots of what you like. Go through these a few times to see what you like and can adapt and recreate in your own home. One piece of advice though, you can’t possibly include all you like in your home. Select only a few of the ideas, and let your creativity flow.

  1. Add Moldings And Architectural Features.

Besides being budget-friendly, moldings instantly raise a space’s beauty. Do remember that curvy moldings go well with traditional décor styles. For contemporary spaces, go for streamlined, sleek moldings.  Choose moldings to go with the rest of your décor, and your room will get an instant upgrade.  If you can go a step beyond, consider adding architectural details like beadboard on walls, an exposed brickwork panel on the main wall, or exposed faux beams on the ceiling.  These add much character to the space and give it an instant ‘posh’ uplift.

  1. Hang Full-Length Drapes.

High ceilings look remarkably lavish as these give the vibe of spaciousness. You obviously can’t change the height of your home’s walls, but you can create an illusion of extra wall height by hanging your drapes way higher than the window’s top edge and cascading down to the floor. Remember, half-length curtains that stop at window sills look miserly (café curtains in the kitchen are the only exception to this guideline). So, while deciding the length of your curtains, it is advisable to always use full-length drapes.  If the floor space is sufficient, let the curtains pool down on the floor. Extend the curtain rods sideways, too, for giving the window a framed look whenever the drapes are pulled aside.

  1. Keep The Basic Color Palette In A Neutral Zone.

Home Decor Tips

Luxurious is classy without being in-your-face. One way of achieving this effect is to keep the basic room color palette neutral (white, off-white, pale gray, taupe, beige, sage green, etc.) while adding pops of colors through accent pieces. For example, keep your couch and add cushions in emerald green. Or paint your walls a pale gray and mount custom roman shades in a rich blue.

  1. Put Up Mirrors.

You can’t go wrong with full-length mirrors, as these reflect light to create an illusion of airy spaciousness. In technical parlance, we call it increasing visual space footage. When your room looks bigger than its actual size, this is an automatic upgrade to its luxurious quotient. Extra tip: Do keep the mirror close to or facing a window to maximize light reflection.

  1. Choose A Rug Of The Right Size.

The rug on the floor anchors the entire room. If it is too small and floaty looking, your space will never quite look lavish. Always choose a rug that’s generously sized and large enough to be tucked underneath major furniture pieces’ legs.

  1. Keep The Wall Art King-Size.

Carefully chosen and well-framed art is great at injecting a luxurious feel to it. For that lavish and sumptuous look, go for large-sized canvases. Displayed on its own as a single piece or placed with several other pieces in gallery style, a large-sized work of art will make your space look premium.

  1. Bring In Nature.

Spots of green give your space a lush oasis-like feel. We recommend keeping leafy potted plants in otherwise vacant corners. Another time-honored way of introducing a lavish feel to your home is by placing a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase or a bowl. These flowers needn’t be expensive at all. You can always pluck roadside blooms and change the flower arrangements regularly.

  1. Declutter And Clean The Space Regularly.

This is such a basic thing that’s often overlooked. Don’t stuff your room up to its rafters with clutter. This essentially helps in making the room look larger than it is. Tackle the dust and the cobwebs. Make sure the floor is clean and sparkling, the drapes are spotless, and the furniture has no dust on its surfaces or crevices. Keep the bed linen fresh and crisp, and the cushions and the pillows nicely plump.

Last but not the least, always choose quality over quantity. Buy less but buy the best you can for your home. You will see the improvement reflected in your home too.

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