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Wall Decoration Ideas

If you have a “bare” wall, sooner or later, the thought arises to do something with it. Repainting completely, even one large accent wall, sounds like a renovation and repair. It is a waste of money and time. It’s good that there are other options. For example, make wall decor using paint. Of course, it is not difficult because we are looking for the path with the least effort. In this article, we have collected some different ideas on how to make your wall look unique, stylish, and elegant. These simple yet creative examples will help you change the look of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom quickly and easily. You can either buy decor elements or make them yourself. For this, you will need improvised means or tools and materials that can be found in any store for needlework. As a result, you will get a design that will make your interior genuinely unique. Today we will talk about how to decorate a wall in a room with your own hands as well.

  1. Paper Thing

Do-it-yourself paper wall decor includes many different compositions. As a basis, you can use old newspapers, original corrugated paper, foil, or sheets with the effect of yellowed paper (which can be done by immersing a white sheet in tea or coffee). In addition, bright napkins, magazines, and postcards are also used nowadays. To create a paper garland, you will need threads (hair, rope, or ordinary thread), a pencil, paper, and scissors. You can use hot glue or a stapler for fastening. Just cut out the necessary shapes from the paper according to the template and connect them to a string. Then hang the garland on the wall.

You can create beautiful flowers, butterflies, and other compositions from paper. Such decor will look original and non-standard, especially if you make several figures of different sizes and arrange them in a collage.

  1. Unusual Art

Uniqueness and originality have always been highly valued in art. It can reflect both our strengths and weaknesses and tell about secret desires and interests. And why not place decor on your wall in the form of something that inspires you? It’s like wallpaper on a mobile phone, only times better, bigger, and will also perform a decorative function. For example, why not if you have long dreamed of hanging a black and white world map in yourself to reveal your inner energy and draw inspiration from there? Consider this a sign to do so. Discover the power within yourself to allow you to be inspired by what you want without prejudice or unnecessary thoughts. This is only about the art of forms. You can order various motifs of drawings and various arts on the site of a wonderful store, where the choice is endless: TexelPrintArt. Multi-panel paintings, all art topics in the universe, affordable prices, and pleasant service. Everything and even more you can find here.

  1. Dishes On The Table? No, On The Wall

Beautiful tableware brought from travels should not collect dust somewhere in the cupboards. That is why do-it-yourself wall decor often includes ceramics and glass decorations. Most often, this method is used in the kitchen. However, today you can arrange decorations from plates in the living room or hallway. Multicolored ceramic products create an original composition and will perfectly complement the interior in the style of Provence and country.

However, do not forget about the number of plates – you need to find a golden mean so that there is no “patchy” interior decoration. In general, follow the rule: leave a space around the plates of at least 10 centimeters not touched so that it has a minimalist and fresh look.

  1. Alice In The Looking Glass

A mirror has many different functions. One of the main ones is an optical illusion, namely, a visual increase in the space of a narrow room. Competent use of mirrors and mirror surfaces in such narrow and cramped places of the house as the hall and bathroom can radically transform their interior for the better. Artificial lighting, installed near or around mirrors, will help to expand the space in the dark corners of the house. Mirrors allow you to visually increase the area of the room and, even in the darkest spaces, add light and a feeling of openness. Today, wall mirrors are sold not only in standard forms. You can also find original products or order an individual model in the workshop. You can hang one large mirror, or you can – several mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Round, rectangular, oval, in the shape of a drop, heart, or star – a beautiful mirror in a frame will be a great addition to the interior. It is crucial that the mirrors on the opposite walls do not reflect themselves. Otherwise, you risk not only an aesthetic cacophony but also a psychological one. It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable with the destruction of your personality every time you pass through such a corridor, but who knows? Opposite the mirror, you can hang a photo of a loved one in the same frame, and now he will become twice as beloved.

  1. Handmade Decor Ideas With A Textured Image

Textured images or murals are created on wet plaster. Previously, decorators used clay; now, the ideal and flexible material is gypsum putty. For this, an additional layer of plaster is applied to the previously leveled wall. It is not allowed to dry completely, and with the help of a sharp, pencil-like tool, drawings are applied. Figurative prints on the surface look original. The textured ornament is applied to the wall with the help of a prepared cliché. A special patterned roller for wall decoration will simplify your task, though. You can buy it at any hardware store. After applying the frescoes, the images are painted over. Brushes of different thicknesses are used for their application. It is better to cover a single-tone textured ornament with paints using a spray gun.

Nevertheless, the most important advice is to experiment and not be afraid to listen to yourself and your heart. Usually, with the fear of failure, we come up with great and unique ideas that should be brought to life. Therefore, do not be afraid and give free rein to your design feelings. Risk it!

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