Home Decoration Trends For 2018


Home Decoration Trends for 2018

Minimalism doesn’t ever quite go out of style. However, 2018 is set to bring about fundamental changing trends in colors, patterns, and surfaces. To make your home stand out more wholesomely than last year, you need to seek inspiration from all channels. Spectrum TV offers a great selection of home décor reality shows you can pick up pointers from. Color Splash, Dress my Nest, and Home by Novogratz are great sources to get inspiration on TV. But for those of you who would instead not go too wild on experimentation, here’s our list of home décor trends to watch out for in 2018:

  1. Rich Colors Will Be Speaking Out Loud

Rich Colors Are Shouting Out Loud
Grey has been the choice of neutral color for interiors for some time now. But we think that’s about to change significantly. Color is set to be much bolder and visible this year. People are not afraid to experiment with their favorite colors on both walls as well as furniture. You may notice sofa colors in living rooms ranging from deep violet to dark navy to rich emerald green in 2018. Walls offset furniture colors accordingly. These colors are more enhanced by beautiful velvet upholstery on furniture pieces. People are feeling braver about their colors of choice, and this is evidenced clearly in the popular rich color choices this year. The results are interiors with a great deal of personality, individualism, and charm.

  1. Dark Wood Tones Furniture and Interior

Dark Wood Tones Are in For 2018

Furniture is looking at a much darker tone this year as compared to 2017. The trend is shifting away from light-colored, bleached woods that became so popular last year. Instead, in 2018, there is a resurgence of rich, dark wood tones that add glamour and a new twist to modern décor. Wooden furniture pieces are often finished with metallic handles and legs for the perfect finish. Marble is also making a new surface appearance in coffee and end tables. A combination of walnut or oak, gold/brass handles, and a marble top is one of the most popular furniture piece recipes today. Furniture is going retro with rich wood stains, adding an almost timeless appeal.

  1. Travel Inspired Colors and Decoration

Many interior trends these days are inspired by travel, especially this season. People are using their experience of different cultures and colors to create themed interiors based on actual locations. Natural, earthy shades reminiscent of earthen pottery and clay are set to be key elements in interior collections. Travel inspired prints, textiles, and surfaces all add a raw, authentic feel to any room.

  1. Fine Textures will be More Focused.

Fine Textures will be More Focused

Textures are the key focus area this year. Handmade furniture featuring woven wicker is proving to be all the rage. Complemented with fine embellished fabrics, it all becomes irresistible to touch. A lot of variation can be achieved by fooling around with textures and materials. Wicker and wood furniture, or metal and marble end tables, it’s all about embracing different combinations of different textures.

  1. Tropicana Trend is Shouting Out Loud This Year

Tropicana Trend is Shouting Out Loud This Year

The tropical trend is still going strong from last year, but this year it has evolved uniquely. For 2018, we have done away with the bright carnival colors and moved focus instead towards leafy friends like palm leaves. Shades of green dominate in any room, particularly with the grey and charcoal walls popular these days. Leafy, emerald shades are soothing and energizing, giving a fresh feel to any room. They also look good set against darker wood furniture choices. Keep looking for items that complement the tropical look, such as safari animal tapestries, oversized insect patterns, and colorful bird prints.

  1. The Metallic Touch Will Be Seen More

The Metallic Touch Will Be Seen More

Metallic accents are not a new trend. But this year, people are switching over to the most sophisticated color in the metallic palette – brass. Brass accents and fixtures add a surrealistic, modern finish to a room while still looking organic. Look for soft pink and deep green colors to complement the metallic brass and gold tones of table lamps and furniture handles. Mixing brass with marble is a great move to feel on-trend. Try brass floor lamps or vases against marble floors to create a classy, erudite look.

Interior décor follows in the footsteps of fashion, and fashion is very fluid these days. You should be open to experimentation. Combine different color palettes, textures, and surfaces to be able to create a truly unique aura in any room. Remember, you can only get so many tips from different sources. It’s best if you do your decorations. After all, you’re the one living there, so it stands to reason that each room should be in-step with your specifications.

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