Home Decoration Trends of 2014


Home Decor Trends 2014

Home decoration is everyone’s favorite topic. Almost every other person finds delight in this hobby. Color is the new trend, and you will find nearly every household exhibiting cheerful furnishing and furniture pieces. Personal expression is said to be the song of the season. According to design experts, it is the colors that have heightened the trend now.

Color Patterns:

Blush Tones Decorating

When we have started talking about colors, let us mention the shades that will look good on the walls right now. You can go for blush tones. They are amazing in looks and appearance. Pale shades of pink were very much in fashion in the ’80s. In those times, the blush shade used to be paired with black and mauve colors. However, the present scenario demands decorators to match the shades with a masculine color palette.

White Walls In Traditional Bedroom

White Walls look good with colorful Furniture Pieces in Traditional Bedroom

Shades and Options:

Pink And Blue Living Room

The main idea and concept are to create preppy shades. Most of the leading designers and interior decorators will ensure pair the pink color with navy blue shades. The navy blue shade is pretty masculine and has a vibrant personality. It is the reason why pink seems white when placed side by side of navy blue.

Mixture Of Navy Blue And White Shades

White walls are the newest and best things for this season. You will find almost every other house having fantastic color options. White walls enable you to design hem with colorful accessories. They always ensure to make things look better and the rooms more significant than the actual size.

Interior Decorator Betsy Burnham

According to Los Angeles-based interior decorator Betsy Burnham – “I used to think white walls looked unfinished,” she says. “But I’ve completely come around on this one because white is the ultimate palette cleanser. It gives every space — even the most traditional — a modern edge and sets the stage wonderfully for layers of color in upholstery, accessories, area rugs, and art.”

Textures and Vibrancy:

Colorful Furniture

Even though the walls are going a bit pale and soft on the outlook, you can always maintain the vibrancy with colorful furniture pieces. Intense colors are right, but it is necessary to keep that they do not overshadow the other essential parts and pieces of a room. It is a fact that many colors nowadays contain harmful fumes that are even dangerous than industry fumes. You will need to choose the right brand of colors that will be devoid of polluted elements in the same way industries use Carbon Scrubbers for filtering the wastes from industrial wastes.

Blue Couch

Very few people have the guts to have their sofa and couches colored in complete blue. Red Violet is one of the most sought after colors this year. Experts think that these shades will probably be the favorite of people for a long time.

Metallic Texture

The texture is the topmost priority for interior decorators at the present moment. Textures like metallic are very much in fashion. Linens and horns are very much sumptuous with touch. Color absence is regarded as the best option for the chic theme. Felt movement started in the year 2010 and continues to dominate the home decoration industry. People want something to be felt over their walls and textures always make sure to fulfill this specific wish of theirs.


Decorators have been designing and renovating homes from a very early time. The trends change with the season, and this year, the limelight is focused on textures and designs.



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