Home Design Trends To Watch in 2020


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Recent studies revealed that building an average home in the US would cost about $153 per square foot. Given such a premium, modern design trends have been pushing to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality. Homebuilding trends have been attempting to blend practicality, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability into one. Think about modern interior styles such as the loft, minimalist, classic, and Scandinavian designs. Not to mention, the trends in adding an eco-friendly accent to your home design or a bright space with a minimalist touch. The possibilities are endless, as all it takes is to blend originality and a contemporary vibe into modern home designs.

Compact, Space-Efficient Builds

Large Home Designs

Large home designs are being pushed further and further out of the norm, especially in the US, where real estate prices have achieved all-time highs in the second quarter of 2019. Architects and aspiring homeowners alike are ditching the concept of the “McMansion” at a rapid rate, and instead choosing to build small-scale, yet high-quality homes. This new paradigm essentially trades the quantity of square footage for the quality of what occupies that space. Compact designs, aside from the obvious lower costs, are also highly favored these days due to their far smaller maintenance and upkeep requirements. The money saved can go into high-quality stylistic choices, such as furnishings and finishes. Contrary to the tiny lots that most “McMansions” are forced to live with, smaller homes allow for more of the lotto become outdoor living space. Such style trends continue to be popular in cities like Austin.  

Emphasis on Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Friendly Architecture

The architecture scene has been trending towards environmental sustainability in household design over the past decade. Young architects around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia, are slowly pushing the envelope in terms of sustainable design. Many homeowners are moving towards locally sourced building materials, particularly those in Texas, according to Mangum Home Builders. This trend revolves around blending quality-of-life improvements, energy efficiency, and sleek modern aesthetics. Trends like indoor green spaces have become a rising trend in enhancing the appearance and mood of the household. Implements such as skylights provide an ingenious combination of cutting down on energy costs, providing natural lighting and fresh-quality air.

More Attention To The Outdoors Area

Outdoor Focused Designs

As outdoor-focused designs are quickly entering the mainstream, architects realize that most families enjoy the time they spend out in the open air of their yard. Outdoor living spaces are now being cleverly incorporated into the contemporary home building that expands the surface area covered by the home to the extent of the lot. Not to mention, active outdoor spaces with plenty of greenery seem to have a positive effect on personal happiness, according to a study by the University of Washington. After all, people seem to love having separate pool spaces, backyards with dining areas for barbecues, and even simple expansions of turf for their kids to play. As a result, modern home design trends have naturally adapted to deliver.

With a more thoughtful outlook on the necessities of life, the world of modern design has introduced a new role that caters to the well-being of the homeowners, their community, and the world at large. Given trends such as these, modern home designs have nowhere else to go but up.

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