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Solar Energy

Environmental awareness has been a trend of the past decade. Many individuals are becoming personally conscious of their lifestyle choices. The environmental impacts of everyday decisions are becoming essential. Many people are considering upgrading their homes with the green energy concept in mind. An American home designed to be powered by eco-friendly energy sources or protected by solar energy alarms promotes a healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable lifestyle. Here is a brief rundown of what you could do.

Install Solar Powered Security Systems

If you live in a particularly sunny area, put solar-powered security systems or alarms on top of your home redesign list. Whether you are interested in maintaining your home security system or upgrading it, opt for a solar-powered alternative. These systems are suitable in areas where going off the grid is a must since carrying electricity supply to the house is simply impossible. Modern surveillance cameras are powered by free energy from the sun. This energy can be used to power home electronics and appliances; motion sensor LED security alarms included.

These alarms are excellent for securing your backyard or for lighting your walkways. They work with the help of built-in photocells that collect and convert the direct light from the sun into DC power during the day. The pre-installed rechargeable batteries on these alarms store the extra energy needed to power the alarm during the night. You can also choose a complex solar-powered security system that features additional options: window and door sensors, wireless bell boxes powered by solar energy, keypads for safe access to your home, sirens, and remote controls.

  1. Solar PTZ Dome Systems

If your energy requirements are particularly high, consider an ad-hoc solution for a conventional surveillance camera. The PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) dome surveillance system can be placed high up on a metal pole, along with a more powerful panel. The solar panel will provide power to the swiveling PTZ cameras. It will also power a large capacity battery that can supply the system with enough energy to run for hours in a row.

  1. Solar Power Tax Incentives

Concerned about the high costs of the initial investment? Don’t worry; there are plenty of generous solar power tax incentives offered in all US states you could access for your tiny house solar power ideas or your current home redesign plans. For example, going green with the DSIRE and EnergySage combo will introduce you to highly competitive prices, solar panel installers that have been previously screened by experts, free solar quotes, and even $0-down financing alternatives.

Wind-Powered Alarms

Residential wind power generators can turn natural wind power into electricity, cutting up to 50% of your monthly energy bills. This is done with the help of the aerodynamic force resulting from the turbine’s rotor blades. A wind speed of at least 14 mph can cater to the 300 KwH/month energy needs via a 1.5 kW turbine. If you live in a windy region, take advantage of this renewable energy source to render continuous security checks for your home with the help of wind-powered alarms. To power, a wind-powered security system for 24 hours, a small load between 24W and 30W should suffice. Here, the surveillance cameras, along with their wireless links, need to be installed on a lattice tower featuring a power box. There are also ultra-efficient security systems with cameras that can be powered with wind and solar energy, called hybrid systems.

Multicolored Outdoor Solar-Powered Lights

If you are looking to add some cool lights to the outdoor space around your house, decorate your garden, patio, or backyard with warm and glowy multicolored solar-powered lights like the ones sold by Sugru. They are incredibly stylish, and they do not require any outdoor power source to work.

Solar Power Heating: Try A Trombe Wall To Heat Your Home

You could try to heat your home using indirect gain with the help of a Trombe wall. This is a thermal wall that features masonry, which can store energy and heat from the sun and passively diffuse it throughout the house. If you do not already have a wall that faces south in your home, see if you can add it to your home redesign project.

Install A Natural Gas Generator

Generally, sudden power interruption can disrupt your family’s daily activities. This is why a generator is essential equipment in your home. It can provide you with a temporary electricity supply in case of a power outage. However, not all generators use a sustainable and renewable energy source.

Thus, if you’re looking for environmentally friendly options, a natural gas generator can be one of them. A natural gas generator is another green home design idea you can try. It’s a type of generator that uses natural gas to operate. It’s dependable since it can be used for various domestic uses. It’s clean as it doesn’t produce ash and has no pungent odor. It’s cost-effective since natural gas is considered a cheaper fuel.

Moreover, it’s a better choice for the environment because it releases a minimal amount of carbon dioxide, causing less pollution compared to other types of generators. Also, with a natural gas-fueled generator, you can minimize soil contamination and oil spills. All these things make this type of generator a perfect choice when considering the environment as a factor.

Overall, installing a natural gas generator will add resale value to your home. And, you’ll have peace of mind for any future power outages.

Install New Window Treatments To Naturally Cool Your Home In The Summer

While redesigning your home, update your window treatments to cut the transmission of heat in the summer. Here are some options:

  • For complete darkness in your bedroom and a cooler home in the summer, opt for blackout drapes. Pick a beautiful light- or dark-colored drape that features white backing to stop the harmful UV rays from the sun from getting inside the house. Extra advantage: these drapes will nicely compliment the rest of your home’s style by adding an elegant touch.
  • Shutters are excellent window insulation solutions that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire home. Make sure to combine draperies with shutters to obtain superior results.
  • Tinted windows will allow some light to enter your home while blocking the heat and naturally cooling down your home in the summer.

If you are determined to go green, consider using the previous home design ideas for enhanced security, smaller bills, and lower carbon footprints.

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