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Home Gym Design

Gyms were closing down, and countries were going into lockdown. Fitness goals were held, hostage. The year 2020 had more downs than ups for the large population. Over the past few months, we have been reviving our goals.

The gym has been fantastic to get back to, but there is still a fear that 2020 might happen again. The home gym option has been on your mind for a while now.

How do I perform my workouts more efficiently this year?

How do I design my home gym? What do I need?

From professional athletes to fitness seekers. Those who wish to lose belly fat and those who want to get back their bodybuilding gains. All of us need to put in more effort than we can at our local gym.

For the odd hours that need extra work, here are a few gym design tips for you.



For beginners, you should gain knowledge on what CrossFit is and all that surrounds the sport before you join the bandwagon. A CrossFit trainer is an excellent place to start, and guess what? They’re available online too.

For the CrossFit athlete(games or not), there is a high chance that you already have a membership to a Crossfit gym. Those that know CrossFit know that the community at these gyms is the glue that holds the athletes together. Meaning that you’ll probably be visiting more often than not.

Therefore, designing a CrossFit gym shouldn’t cost as much as you think. What you need is a few pieces of equipment to ensure you add to the bodyweight WODs you’ve been performing.

What you’ll need,

  • A squat rack that doubles up as your pull up bar
  • A jump rope, or two
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbell
  • Weighted Plates
  • A Concept2 Rower
  • A box
  • Rings
  • No mirror is needed, for it is the CrossFit way.

When it comes to squat racks and the jump box, there are DIY options that you can check out. However, these options might be dangerous for the high-intensity nature of the workouts.

Don’t miss a W.O.D again!

Olympia Prep At Home

Olympia Prep At Home

Bodybuilders have been striking the world for years now. And we all know the dream that a bodybuilder has is to become, yes you guessed it right, Mr. Olympia!!.

If your goals are not Mr. Olympia, worry not; this is still for you.

There is a variety of training equipment available for a bodybuilder, so we’ll stick to the essential equipment to ensure it grows bigger.

Here’s what you’ll need to start;

  • An adjustable squat rack with a pull-up bar: adjustable squat racks are useful for squats, partial deadlifts, and the bench press.
  • An adjustable bench: this helps to ensure you do not skip chest day.
  • The flex mirror: a large and well-lit mirror will help in your flexing sessions. These vanity mirrors include a variety of lighting options. The lighting option that will ensure you focus on your gains are the LED strip lights, such as the ones made at the Elstar LED light factory, China.
  • Barbells: the Olympic bar is the best option in the market, but a standard version exists at a lower price.
  • Dumbbells: with all the workouts that a Dumbbell can be part of, it is wise to have some with you. Fixed dumbbells are good, but the affordable option lies in the adjustable Dumbbell, which serves the purpose of several dumbbell weight levels.
  • A powered platform. The purpose of this is to protect your floor and weights.
  • Do not give up, work smart, and do not train on injuries.

Home Strongman Gym

Home Strongman Gym

Strongman training requires a lot of alone time as it might attract unnecessary eyes for a strongman athlete looking to gain a significant improvement in lifting heavyweights. The conventional fitness environment might not be suitable.

Strongman training equipment comes in specific shapes and sizes that can be constructed as DIY projects.

Consider the following equipment for your home gym.

  • Giant tractor tires.
  • An elephant bar. You can choose an Olympic bar if you cannot afford the former.
  • Weighted plates.
  • Log lift equipment. It can be constructed using wood or metal.
  • Sandbags
  • A large rock: for application in the strongman carry.
  • A keg. For throwing over high hanging objects
  • A fat boy sled
  • Strongman yoke
  • Atlas stones
  • Farmer’s walk implements

The Powerlifter Gym

The Powerlifter Gym

SBD(Squats, Bench, Deadlifts). These are the ingredients of a powerlifter. Accessories do matter for a stronger body.

Powerlifting equipment are as follows;

  • The power rack is the perfect equipment to train for powerlifting, supported on all sides to ensure safety. You can also use it for the bench press and other strength accessories.
  • Barbells
  • Weighted plates
  • The deadlift platform.
  • A bench

Cardio-Based Fitness Gym

Cardio-Based Fitness Gym

The most common athlete is the one who desires to reshape their body. The cardio-based workout system is the most used in the world. They include Zumba, dance fitness, aerobics, long-distance running, cycling, and other cardio-activating workouts.

Here’s a few cardio-based gym equipment that will assist you in achieving your goals.

  • A spin bike for your online spin class
  • A mountain bike in case you wish to go outdoors
  • A concept2 rower
  • A jump rope
  • Your sound system for Zumba and other dance fitness classes
  • Running shoes
  • lots of water.


Creating the ideal workout space for your needs can be tedious and quite expensive. However, as an athlete, financial sacrifice is a necessary evil. The barbell is a good piece of equipment as it applies across multiple fields.

Fields such as Olympic weightlifting, swimming, aerobics, boxing, and mixed martial arts require specialized training and can only be brought home after learning fundamental skills.

Lift heavy, lift often, and eat healthily.

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