Home Heating: 3 Tips For More Efficient Energy Use This Winter


Home Heating: 3 Tips For More Efficient Energy Use This Winter
Your heating system is essential to your family’s comfort. When your heating system is functioning inefficiently, it can lead to hot and cold spots throughout the interior, noisy operation of the system and high heating bills. You can ensure that your home heating system is working efficiently by taking a few simple actions.

1 – Have Your System Inspected and Tuned Yearly

A well-functioning furnace or other heating system requires periodic inspections and tune-ups by an experienced heating contractor, like the professionals at Edge Guys HVAC. The inspection can monitor wear and tear on parts, and ensure that questionable elements are replaced so that your family does not have to experience a heating breakdown in the middle of winter. A technician can also lubricate moving parts to ensure your system functions quietly and efficiently.

2 – Add Insulation To Your Home

As the colder months approach, you should do a thorough assessment of your home’s insulation. You may find loose window fittings that allow cold air to enter the home. You may find large gaps around doors that allow heat to escape and cause higher energy bills. Your attic or basement may allow warm air to escape the interior space, causing increased heating costs and unevenness in heating. If you invest the time and money in insulating these areas, you will find your home is more comfortable in cold weather, and your annual heating costs will be lower.

3 – Know the Signs of A Heating System Problem

Your heating system professional can provide information to help you know the signs of a problem. They can also help you know when to repair your system and when it needs replacement. They can help you answer questions, such as:

  • The type of heating system you have, whether you have a heat pump, conventional furnace or gas/electric packaged unit.
  • The age of the equipment affects how much money is worth putting into the system.
  • If your heating system is still under warranty, it could save you a significant amount of money.
  • If you have problems with frequent running of the system, noises from the system or vibrations from operation.
  • The cost of a repair will have a significant impact on whether you want to invest in an old system or replace it with a new one.
  • The length of time you expect to remain in the house can also have a bearing on how much money you want to invest in maintaining the heating system.

A professional heating contractor can help to ensure that your system operates at optimum levels throughout the cold months. By focusing on efficient energy use in your home, your comfort level and finances will both benefit.


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