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Home Improvement is one of the most generally discussed ideas among families and households. It is essential for families and people, in general, to spend some thoughts about how their home should look like, and how it should be presented to the guests.

It is essential to take notice of all the main elements that constitute the most attractive parts of the house. They are – lighting, furniture, design, decorations, and many more.

Today, we are going to go over the processes and choices that you can make, making your home look like a palace and feel comfortable, no matter the quantum of space inside. One can follow these steps to make sure that their dream home becomes a reality and draws the attention of the guests. The look on their faces will speak for themselves.

  1. Design

Home Design

It is a generally accepted fact that housing problems are arising in all corners of the world due to the constant rise in population. This situation can be seen more prominently in developed countries and metropolitan cities of the world.

However, that does not decry the fact that the world also needs luxurious and comfortable homes that resonate with its residents. To create homes that leave a good first impression on the mind of the guests and provide top-quality comfort, luxury, and satisfaction to the family that resides in it, proper planning is required.

To make your own dream home look modern and luxurious, new and innovative kinds of designs are required to be explored first. Design innovation can be achieved through following and understanding contemporary art and literature. This is considered as a starting point for considering design choices when building your dream home.

One needs to ensure that the homes that they are planning to build and the design that they have opted to choose is in accordance with their budget for the entire project. The more lavish and luxurious design choices also come with a hefty price tag, which might be unaffordable to many.

Art and literature are considered to be the starting points that one can consider to make design choices.  For example, if someone wants a more artistic and unique touch to their house, they can adopt a design technique that is based on the area available and the number of rooms present.

One can change the colour of the paint on the walls, to make the interior design more stylish. This is important because the colour of the walls is the first thing that one notices upon entering the house.  It is the most prominent feature of your house and will also be the most noticeable.

Home Designers

Many famous home designers have commented that going with variations on a primary colour is the best bet that one has in their arsenal. However, it should be noted that the colour should not be too bright, nor should it be dark.

It is also preferred that a maximum of three colours be used, to create unique and colourful colour combinations. Popular colour choices in this category include – Heirloom Red, Dark Kettle Black, and Swiss Coffee.

The colour variations on the walls can differ in the sense that each partition can have a different colour, including the floor tilings and the ceiling. Here you can get a basic idea of why three colours are required to make the setting more attractive and charming.

The tiling on the floor can also be changed to include higher quality tiles that have unique and uncommon designs and patterns on them. The ceiling of the house also needs to be taken into consideration, especially the ones in the bedroom as they are the colours that people will see while they lie down in bed, for their nightly siesta.

  1. Lighting


Along with the interior design of the rooms, one must also pay heed to the lighting requirements that will help in illuminating the space. It is essential to do so simply because dark or dimly-lit rooms will not appear presentable to the guests and the residents themselves.

Two types of lighting are required to be considered – primary and secondary. Primary lighting refers to the main sources of light in illuminating a room. These include natural sunlight from windows and the big lights that illuminate all parts of the room evenly.

The size of the windows and their relevant position from direct sunlight and neighbouring houses are required to be considered. This is because the shape and size of the windows will determine the amount of light that gets inside the room during the day time. The placing of the windows can be adjusted so that light comes directly through the windows and can illuminate an entire room properly.

Modern Living Room Lighting

The lights are also required to be positioned in the preferable places that allow for the maximum amount of light to be reflected from the walls. The lights are prefered to be set adjacent to the walls and the study areas of the house since these are places where light is required the most.

The height of the ceiling of the house is also required to be taken into consideration. This is because most lights hang from the ceiling or are placed high above on the walls in the room. Therefore, the height of the ceiling determines the most accurate placement of the light bulbs.

LED Downlights

In case one has a false ceiling, which is becoming more and more popular in homes as the days go by, one can opt for placing LED downlights as they are cheaper and are small in size, and also provide a decent amount of light to illuminate the entire room.

It will be beneficial for people to buy a table lamp that can be placed on bedside drawers and desks. This will help a person feel warm and cosy when bedtime is near and dimming these lights will certainly add to the vibe and ambience of the room.

When living rooms and halls are considered, chandeliers stand as popular choices, especially if the room is big and lavish. The addition of a chandelier will also add to the elegance and novelty of the room, adding a better style factor that is sure to wow the guests once they enter the room.

  1. Decoration

Bohemian Style Home Decor

Now it is finally time to consider the decoration of the house and the rooms. Decoration will include various objects that can be placed to make the house look more aesthetically pleasing and attract the gaze of anyone who enters the room.

Firstly, it is important to consider the various facets that make up the structure of the room. These include the walls and the floors. Therefore, carpets and wall hangings are the best bet that one can have to spice up their rooms and make them more attractive.

The carpets that will be placed on the floors must capture the essence of the room and how one expects to feel when stepping on it. Fluffy woollen carpets can be used to decorate the floors of the room. Furry carpets that resemble animal hide can also be used, but remember it is a crime and cruelty as well, to use real animal skin as carpets.

As for the ceilings of the rooms, false ceilings are now the most common choice in economic apartments. The use of false ceilings allows for greater customisation of the residence, as one can have various designs created over the false ceilings that will look just wonderful and majestic.

Ultra Modern Living Room Furniture

The walls of the rooms can also be decorated and given a better look by using many paintings and murals on the walls. The resident’s artistic expression can be captured in its purest form if the wall designs reflect the person’s inner thoughts and desires.

Wall paintings and posters can be used to liven up the rooms. Each person can have their rooms filled with posters and paintings, allowing them to display their style and attitude with the use of paintings and posters.

As for furniture, elegance is essential. Flashy and over the top furniture is best avoided to appear presentable to all kinds of guests and visitors. Exotic flower vases or even handcrafted furniture will create a significant impact on how a room will look and feel.

The chairs, tables, and desks are preferred to be kept wooden, to make the furniture appear more glossy and eye-catching. This will help add a touch of novelty to the style of the room. The beds can be kept big or small, depending on the number of people living together.

All in all, these elements of a room are required to be investigated and stylised to create a more exotic and modern looking room. This will help in making the room more pleasant and exciting at the same time. This will captivate the senses of the residents and can feel that they are always in their favourite place, feeling warm and cosy.

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