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Purple Wall with Brown Velvet Sofa

Different rooms of the house can be made look and also feel different by changing the paint of the interiors of your respective house. A variety of painting effects can also be used in order to make the house look beautiful and different.

Distressing Paint Idea Living Room

There are various painting effects that can be considered as per your choice and what best suits the house interiors. Distressing is a kind of term that is used for a paint effect that makes the paint look older than it actually is. Various distressing layers of paint are applied on top of each other, and then they are scratched from the topmost layers, which helps to create a very interesting look. This type of distressing is best suited for the kind of houses which need a shabby effect for their homes. This decorative paint is majorly done as per the theme of the house. Gliding is another kind of paint effect n which the parts of the wall are covered in a thin layer of gold. Gliding can be used in your house for painting certain features, like around the wooden picture frames or the edges of the furniture, which will help to create an elegant look.

Distressing Blue Paint Idea Living Room

Stippling is also one of the popular paint effects which are widely used as one of the decorating paints. In stippling, one coat of paint is applied on the walls as normal paints are applied, but before the paint dries, it is manipulated with a stippling brush in order to give the wall a grainy effect. Sampling is also one of the unique methods of painting. In sampling, one can apply various images, designs, or even words on the walls.

Texture Wall Paint

Decorative Wallpaper for Home Interiors

Decorative wallpapers are also widely used in many homes to get a unique look that cannot be fulfilled by any kind of paint effect at times. Decorative wallpapers come in a variety of designs which you can choose from, and also make the house look very stylish and stunning. If you are looking for a variety of colors, then you should opt for printed wallpapers. Embossed or relief wall coverings should opt in case to give a texture to the walls or even the ceilings. Foil wallpapers can also be used for having a luxurious environment. Wood chip wallpaper can be used for concealing small blemishes on the walls. There is a wallpaper available in the market which suits all the moods and the preferences of all the individuals on the earth. Some people prefer to have wallpapers with a drop pattern. They normally combine this wallpaper with wooden flooring and furniture, which helps to give the room a very warm and stylish effect.

Small Stylish Modern Living Room Designs with Decorative Wallpaper

Therefore decorative paints and wallpapers are widely available in the market and can also be used in order to make the house look most attractive and also an interesting place to live in.


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