Home Renovation Checklist


Don’t let any hammer come near your home without doing the following steps. Here is a home renovation checklist you should follow:


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Make a Wish List:

Renovation Checklist

When you are renovating your home, make a wish list of wants and needs. This way, when faced with a tough choice, you have a clear picture of what needs to be done.

Determine Budget:

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Before you start your renovation, make a budget with padding of ten percent for any unexpected costs or renovations. Talk to your contractor and get an estimate before agreeing on anything.

Consult calendar: if you are doing a renovation for an occasion, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to finish it. For example, you don’t want to undergo a roof renovation, with a company like Fairclaims Roofing a couple of weeks before the said occasion. You should also take into account inclement weather conditions.


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Begin with looking for a contractor or interior designer. Ask your neighbors, friends, or anyone you know who’s had had the renovation done in their homes. It’s much easier to find a contractor from a referral than just randomly picking one.

Start Interviewing the Contractors or Interior Designers:

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Ask them about their rates if they charge by the day or by the project. Try and negotiate a deal for some flat fee. Do some research on their previous projects, check those sites, and meet people who have had used their services. Check if they are available per your schedule and can finish the work in the timeframe given.


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What you pay in advance should be just one-third of the total cost. Decide well in advance the start and end date of the project.

Finalize the Household Arrangement:

Reserve a storage place for furniture until the remodeling work is done. Sell off the furniture or things that you don’t want. Make sure you have a place to stay if there is no electricity or water due to plumbing and electrical work.

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