Home Security: 9 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure


9 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Having a safe and secure home provides a sense of comfort. It’s a crucial aspect that comes with becoming a homeowner. If you skip this step, you will regret it when something terrible happens to you.

On that note, here are nine ways to keep your home safe and secure that you should apply.

Install Quality Doors And Windows

You might think that criminals find clever entrances to get inside your home. But most of the time, they find a way into your home using your windows and doors.

Either they pick the lock, or they break your door or window to get in. Thus, it’s crucial for your safety to install high-quality and durable doors and windows.

Aside from the doors and windows, you should be paying attention to the fittings and frames.

If you’re going to have doors with glass panels, make sure they’re frosted. That way, no one can peek from the outside looking in. Plus, frosted glass is also a lot sturdier than average glass.

Always Secure Your Valuables

When you’re home, you want to feel comfortable and free. But more often than not, people tend to leave their essential and valuable belongings out in the open.

Thus, you should be vigilant and avoid being so comfortable. You’ll never know when someone will sweep away your valuables.

If you have valuable jewelry, try and keep them in a safe place. Consider investing in a safe where you can store essential documents and high-value items.

Aside from securing your valuables, you might want to keep tools locked too. If someone suspicious was able to get your tools, they might use it for nefarious reasons. They might use your tools to your disadvantage.

You should also make sure that you keep your bike locked, even if it’s in your garage. So no one can swipe it from you and make their escape.

Secure Your Garage

We touched on this topic a little with securing your bike, but another thing you should do to keep your home safe is by securing your garage.

The garage door is quite easy to jimmy open, so burglars like to target this when they can. Thus, leaving you vulnerable through quite a large entranceway. Plus, if you have a bike, they can use that to get away fast.

That said, you should ensure that you keep your garage’s door down and secure the latch. You should make sure that the door in your garage leading to the inside of your home is also secure.

Use Warning Signs

Burglars, especially small-time burglars, don’t want much of a hassle when they target a home to steal from, so you should take advantage of that.

Warning potential burglars by using warning signs that could make them hesitate is a big help. For example, using signs that say you have a dog and cameras will be a huge deterrent.

Even if you don’t have a complicated alarm system, setting up these signs can ward off potential intruders.

Install Burglar Alarm System

Of course, it’s better to have an actual alarm and security system available and that you or a professional installed in your home. It will let you and the authorities know if someone does break into your home.

The alarms itself can scare off intruders since they’re surprising, and it’s a sign that people know they’re there.

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

If hackers manage to get through to your Wi-Fi network, it can expose sensitive personal and financial information. Thus, you should ensure that you lock down your Wi-Fi network.

The simplest way for this would be to set-up a password.

You should also turn it off when you’re not using it to save electricity while also reducing the opportunities for hackers to attack.

Set Up A Security System

A security system will help you watch what’s going on around your home from one place. It’s also keeping a record of what has happened around your home. Thus, you can use the recording if something of note happened that you want to review.

Nonetheless, we advise our clients at the Alarm System Store to hire a security professional. He can advise you on the type of security system to have in your home. It’s different depending on your budget, your needs, and your situation.

The presence of a professional can help you narrow down your choices.

Be Smart About Social Media

People should be more cautious about what they put out on social media, especially when they know they won’t be home.

Plenty of people would get excited because they’re going on a vacation, so they’ll post about it on social media. But this can let burglars know that your home is vulnerable to an attack.

You should also let everyone else that you’re close with know not to post about you being away from your home for an extended period.

If possible, you should get someone to stay in your home for a while so that you’re sure that someone you trust is home while you’re away.

Even posting suggestive photos with no caption can let people know that you’re not home. You never know who sees your posts, so try and post about your vacation after you’ve already finished it.

Keep Your Yard Clean And Bright

Keeping your yard clean and bright will make it harder for potential intruders to find hiding spots around the outside of your home. Plus, a well-lit yard can ward off intruders from attempting to get to your home.

It helps that it makes your home look more attractive as well.

Applying the security tips listed above can keep your home safe and secure. It will also deter criminals from infiltrating your house. Thus, you can sleep better at night, knowing that you have safety precautions in place.


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