Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home


If you’re in the process of selling your home or if you’re thinking about it, chances are you’ve heard of staging. If you already have an agent on your team, chances are they’ve even suggested specific touches. Still, you might be wondering,” Is staging worth the effort?”

How Much Can Staging My Home Help?

Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

On average, staging a home won’t increase its sales price. What it is likely to do, according to experts, is sell faster. A well-staged home is considerably more likely to sell within its first year on the market and at or very near the asking price.

You can skip the more significant “upgrades.” Staging doesn’t have to mean installing new floors and cabinetry. If you follow all ten tips below, not only will your house be staged to perfection, but you’ll be primed to move and out of pocket no more than a few hundred dollars (at most.)

Staging the Interior

Staging the Interior

The inside of your house is the ultimate persuasion tool. When you want someone to buy your house, the interior should allow them to picture themselves living there. That means it needs to be clean, shows off the home’s features in their best light, and appeal to as many different tastes as possible.

Clear Clutter

Clear Clutter

The first step to staging a home is clearing clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t need; pack away anything unessential to day-to-day life. Confusion makes a negative impression, no matter where it is or how ordinary it seems.

Finish the Unfinished

Finish the Unfinished Projects

As harmless as it seems, leaving unfinished projects in plain sight can stir up feelings of anxiety in potential buyers. Finish these projects like you originally intended. If the project seems too large to do alone, consider hiring it done.

Create Focal Points

Create the Focal Point

Creating arrangements that draw the eye can invite potential buyers to explore the house. Use focal points to lead the eye up or downstairs and add interest to awkward spaces.

Rearrange And Repurpose

Furniture Arrangements

Don’t feel locked into your current furniture arrangements. Using one or two rooms as mainstays or “showrooms” will help improve your chances of selling quickly as opposed to neglecting to stage anything.

Set Up “Suggestions”

Modern Glass Stairs Design

Almost every house has a space or two that doesn’t immediately lend itself to a specific purpose. It could be an under-the-stairs nook or a huge “linen cabinet.” Places like this might bring up more questions than visions of home to potential buyers – so help them out.

Paint Something Blue

White And Blue Dining Room

According to data collected and analyzed by Zillow, rooms or features painted in specific shades of blue sell for more money on average than homes painted with other colors.

Master The Scent Of Your Home

Master the Scent of Your Home

Becoming “nose blind” is a real phenomenon. The fact is, once your brain determines a scent is “non-threatening” and “common,” you stop smelling it. To get around the issue, you can cover it up, do a deep clean, or take some time away to reassess the situation.

Use Better Lighting

LED Bulbs

Today, a variety of LED bulbs can be purchased economically. Not only that, but they give the impression of energy efficiency. Remember to choose “warm light” for cozy spaces like bedrooms and daylight or “bright light” bulbs for busy areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Use The “Rule Of Three” For Accents

kitchen Island

From decorating the bathroom to kitchen islands, the rule of three can be used for almost anything. According to this rule, all you have to do to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement is take three appropriate objects and arrange them in a loose, triangular formation.

Hide Your Pets

Hide Your Pets

As much as you love them, the people viewing your home might not. So when guests come and see your home, try to keep your pets and their things, from squeaker toys to litter boxes, out of sight.

With Staging, Your House Should Sell Faster

Sell Your House Faster

All of these staging tips will help you show your house in its best light. However, depending on your situation, you still might not have time to stage your home and wait for a buyer. If this is the case, a business that buys houses for cash like https://socalhomebuyers.com/ could help.

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