Home Sweet Home: Common House Designs For You


From traditional to modern, there are different types of houses all over the world. Log house, mansions, and Mediterranean abodes are just some of the beautiful residential design you can find. One way to classify a house is to know its architectural style cause each type of architecture has a history in it.

  1. Adobe Style

Adobe Style House

Adobe is an organic building material. It is one of the first building materials used around the globe. Adobe, also known as mud brick, is a primary building material in building a cob type of house or rammed-earth buildings.

The Middle East, North, and West Africa are one of the countries that are still using Adobe as a building material. These bricks usually differ in size that would range from the size of an ordinary baked block to two yards known as “Adobines.”

  1. Beach Type

Beach Type Home

Also known as seaside houses, ordinary beach houses are generally elevated, especially homes located on the oceanfront. One version of this style is the “Tidewater,” a design for hot or wet climates.

One typical feature of a tidewater house is the extensive and eclectic porches composed of wood with the living area raised in one level. It also has large eaves and space on the waterfront.

  1. Bungalow


Bungalows, before its present term, it was first called “Bunguloues,” it means temporary or easy to set up shelter. Bungalows are long, low buildings with wide extensive verandas with dangling attics.

The roofing of Bungalows before consists of straws; it was then later changed into a fireproof tile. A lot of vacation houses nowadays are called Bungalows. It has a design of rough and glam look.

  1. Colonial

Colonial House Style

Its love of geometry makes the Colonial house style, and the United States twisted several designs on this type of house, making it a little vulnerable to climate change.

First colonial houses are two-stories homes with only a single room on every floor. At present, colonial houses already have four rooms on each floor.

  1. Log Type

Log Type Homes

A log house or a log home is almost identical to a log cabin. The only difference is that a log cabin is much smaller than a log house. This kind of house consists of logs from tall trees like pine and spruce from the name itself.

A log house is one of the most common types of houses you can see. Nowadays, log houses are suitable for vacation and family gatherings. Others are also using it as a rest house. It is usually situated in the middle of a mountain or by the lake.

  1. Modern Type

Modern Type House

Modern architecture or modern type houses are reigning for several decades. Almost all of the houses nowadays are in a contemporary style. A current type of home is more simplified than the other styles.

Modern houses consist of concrete cement. Also, one of the typical designs in a contemporary home, also known as a modern house, is a glass window or a glass door.


Houses today are still evolving, and there are more styles and selections to choose from. These are just the most common types of homes that you can see nowadays. If you’re having a hard time deciding one, you can follow what you think is the best and suitable house design for you.

You can also have your house design, and it doesn’t matter as long as you have your own dream house. Building materials are not a problem nowadays cause some companies to have the widest selections of building materials you need to build your home.

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