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Home Upgrade

Buying or moving into a house is one side of a coin. The other is taking care of your place and making continuous improvements to it. These improvements make your home a safer place to live. There are numerous things you can improve, but certain upgrades are a must for safety. In this article, learn about some enhancements that can make your home safer.

Renovate Dangerous Flooring

Most people take the flooring for granted and neglect it. Just like other components of your home, it also requires maintenance. Hence, don’t leave the renovation until there’s a slip-and-fall incident. Upgrade your flooring from time to time.

You need to consider the type of flooring you have, whether hardwood floors, concrete floors, or tiles. Hardwood floors can be spruced up using sandpaper. Replace these floorings only if they’ve been damaged beyond repair.

Concrete and tile flooring are relatively easy to repair for minor damages. You should prioritize the flooring of the bathroom and kitchen since they stay wet and slippery.

Another way you can avoid slip and fall injuries inside your home is by securing rugs. They create a slip resistance surface for walking. For better safety, you should get rugs with rubber backing that offer the most friction. You can place them in the most vulnerable spots.

Arrange Lightings On Stairs

Stairs are a common source of injury that can cause minor to severe injuries. The injuries are even more fatal for older people and kids below ten years of age, who have a higher chance of experiencing head and neck injuries.

To make it safer for them, you must install lighting. Although it will not make the stairs accident-proof, it will surely make them safer to work with. Especially at night hours, they can improve visibility.

When you renovate, you should also consider installing bars and handrails. These can further make the stairs safer for everyone while taking care of your place simultaneously.

Install Shut-Off Valves

You should install shut-off valves for both water and gas pipes. If already installed, check them frequently and replace them if necessary. They’re located either in the basement of your house or in some other corner.

The valves will shut off immediately when there’s a blockage. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and make the house safer for residents.

Invest In Smart Appliances

Technology can also make your home safe and efficient. The smart appliances equipped with sensors detect the environment and respond accordingly.

There are smart thermostats, intelligent dehumidifiers, smart lighting systems, smart blinds, intelligent security systems, etc.

Especially the smart security system can make your house a lot safer. Together, the cameras and sensors can detect intruders even in the dark and alert the inhabitants and security service providers.

Besides making your house safer, these upgrades also increase the sale value of your house. So if you’re looking to sell your home soon, you should keep making such renovations.

Taking care of your place is a responsibility. As a homeowner, you should never compromise on the safety and wellbeing of the inhabitants.

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