Hot Trends In Roofing Materials


Roof Shingles

Just as interior design has trends, exterior house design goes through phases as well. As they consider options for roofing Niagara Falls residents should think about the hottest trends in roofing materials and give their house a modern update that will make their home the showpiece of the neighborhood.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs don’t refer to really awesome roofs, although when you learn what cool roofs actually are, you’ll probably think they are really awesome. Cool roofs use light colors and reflective paint to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. The same principle is applied when wearing dark and white clothing. Light-colored clothing reflects the heat, while black clothing absorbs it and makes you warmer. The reflective properties of cool roofs will lower your electricity bills because you won’t need your air conditioning nearly as much.

Solar Tiles

Another way to lower your energy bills by changing your roof is to install shingles with solar tiles instead of regular asphalt shingles. These tiny solar panels can generate up to 1 kilowatt of energy for every 100 feet, which means that if you have an entire roof full of them, you can store a lot of energy that can be converted into electricity. As with a cool roof, solar tiles can save you money in the long run by reducing your energy costs. Plus, this renewable energy source is much better for the environment as well.

Green Roofs

A major trend in urban roofing is the advent of green roofs, which is a way to bring a little bit of nature into the city. A green roof is one that is covered in vegetation, and they’re easily recognizable because it looks like you have a yard on your roof. They are labor-intensive to set up, but once you have one growing and flourishing, it can insulate your home, provide cleaner air, and create a natural habitat for birds and other small animals. Additionally, because of the base of soil under the vegetation, green roofs help minimize rain runoff.

Metal Roofs

It wasn’t so long ago that metal roofing was considered unappealing for residential homes, but that isn’t the case anymore. Metal naturally reflects sunlight and heat, so these roofs are great at keeping your home cool. Plus, they last for up to 100 years, meaning you won’t have to replace your roof again any time soon, if ever. Moreover, if you’re looking for a roof that requires little maintenance but is durable and strong, a metal roof is the way to go. There are various types of metal roofs available depending on your style, but the most popular options are standing seam, metal shingles, and metal tiles. Be aware that metal roofs are more expensive than the alternatives. Still, they pay for themselves in just a few years, especially considering you won’t need to worry about replacing them again.


Getting a new roof can be a great way to modernize the look of your house, particularly if you switch to one of these material trends. Most of these trends give your house more curb appeal and improve your home’s efficiency, which ultimately saves you money. If you can make your house look better and save money at the same time, there’s really no reason not to get a new roof now!

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