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The real estate market fluctuates like crazy. Some days sellers find it difficult to decide between many buyers, while some days, selling a home seems like an impossible task.

However, even when the real estate market is at rock bottom, many homeowners manage to sell their homes at a good price.

How do they do it?

Well, the trick lies in marketing the home the right way. In many instances, the sellers and even the real estate agents commit several mistakes that keep them from selling their homes.

If you are trying to sell your home, read about the marketing mistakes you must avoid.

  • Not Revealing Important Information

Before visiting the property, your potential buyer would want to know something about it, for instance, the number of rooms, number of bathrooms, distance from the closest landmark, etc. Not describing these essential details can play against you.

Provide a proper description that compels the buyer to make an appointment to visit the property. The relevant details should include the area of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, availability of extra features like a garden, backyard, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc.

Plus, also describe the unique appeal of your home.

  • Not Uploading Clear Pictures

Before visiting your home, your potential buyer would like to explore it through pictures. It would not be wrong to say that photographs create the first impression of your home. Hence, uploading the best pictures of your home is necessary. Upload aesthetic images to capture the interest of potential buyers.

Hire a professional photographer to click high-quality pictures of your home. Clear all the clutter before clicking the pictures. Make sure the rooms are brightly lit.

Also, crop the pictures to remove unnecessary elements. Upload sufficient photos of every room taken from different angles.

  • Not Including Homebuyer Incentives

Another big mistake that most sellers commit is not including buyer incentives. It makes their listing less lucrative amidst other listings that promise incentives that are hard to turn down.

You don’t need to offer anything very expensive to win the attention of the potential buyer. Offering a home protection plan, some dollar-amount credit to the closing costs of the buyer, a buy-down mortgage interest rate, etc., will be just fine.

  • Not Holding Virtual Tours

Consider you are in New York and buying a home in Spokane. But before you physically go there, you want a virtual tour of the properties you have shortlisted. Now, if a seller refuses a virtual tour, you will cut it down from your list.

Similarly, if you refuse a virtual tour to your potential buyer, they will not think twice before dropping your name from their list.

  • Not Allowing Access For Showing

If you don’t allow your agent to show your home to potential buyers, the agent will take them to another available listing. By not allowing access or restricting access, you chop off your chances of selling your home.

Offering restricted hours for showing the property, showing allowed only by appointments, or asking for 24-hour notice can work against you.

  • Not Advertising Enough

To sell your home, you need to spread the message across to the buyers. Fortunately, with the advent of digital technology, letting people know about the sale is easier and less expensive than ever.

List your property through classified ad websites and other online portals. Advertise your property across your social media profiles. Post photographs and videos of your property on Instagram and Facebook. With this, you will get a wider audience, and the chances of finding a buyer will be more.


Buying a house is a big decision. Even if buying a second home, a buyer doesn’t compromise on anything. So, even a minor marketing mistake committed by you can push your potential buyer away from you.

Avoid these mistakes and sell your home fast.

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