How 6 Disney Villains Would Decorate Their Homes In 2019


Disney Villains Decorate Homes Maleficent

Are you sick of cupcake chic? Do you long for a dash of darkness in your décor?

If so, you may be a Disney villain.

Disney Villains Decorate Homes Cruella De Vil

The people over at Angie’s List have put a twist on a modern trend (imagining the real-world existences of Disney princesses) by picturing how they believe six notorious cartoon villains would decorate their homes in the year 2019 – and their choices are darkly delicious.

Disney Villains Decorate Homes Evil Queen

So what’s in the box? Well, first things first: evil is stylish (certain tasteless autocrats aside). Shadowy is in. Let’s face it, off white walls look great on Instagram but step into one of those ‘dream’ homes of real-life suburban princesses, and it all starts to look pretty mediocre.

Disney Villains Decorate Homes Ursula

Instead, look at those charcoal-black walls that Sleeping Beauty’s evil fairy Maleficent has picked out for her 21st-century boudoir. Yes, they recall the character’s horns, but they also bring out the purples and greens of her color scheme like a bruise that hurts real good. And you may not be ready to borrow her mounted deer head for your bedroom wall, but check the dark, sexy biophilia of the antler chandelier – a big player on our ceilings in 2019!

Disney Villains Decorate Homes Jafar

You don’t have to go quite so dark as Maleficent to embrace your inner evil interior designer. The sea witch Ursula, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, has brought her aquatic color scheme to the surface but ditched the gloom. While today’s bad boys are looking at the stars, smart women (evil or otherwise) are looking to the oceans for hope and inspiration. The sea is still largely unexplored and a potential source of sustainable, ethical farming. Why not celebrate the mystery and dangerous beauty of the sea through home design? This Disney villain’s biophilia begins with the green: leafy plants complement the weathered, algae green walls. It might not sound desirable, but after years of dry Instagram shells, the saturated look feels warm and human!

Disney Villains Decorate Homes Tamatoa

And how about those Disney bad boys? Well, Jafar – the sorcerer and Genie from Aladdin – chooses something more showy and eastern for his bedroom. Persian carpets never go out of style, and Jafar’s gold birdcage-style is hanging lamps that are somewhat refined and understated. Whether or not you might opt for the overall appearance of this one depends on how you feel about the color gold. But it has to be said that by keeping the mise-en-scene uncluttered, the villainous sorcerer’s boudoir looks pretty desirable.

Which of these Disney villain’s decorating styles will inspire your next home to revamp?

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