How A Remodel Can Make Your Home More Pet Friendly?


Pets are important family members. When considering a remodel, it is essential to find some adjustments to make your pet’s life easier. These will also make it easier for you to take care of your pet. It is essential to mind about your pet whenever you’re planning to remodel your home. Together with a professional and experienced remodeling contractor, read on to discover some ways to create unique spaces from your pet in your home.

Pet Door Addition


Do you have a car or a dog? It needs to spend some quality time outdoors. Since you’re not always going to be available to open the door, it is a good idea to consider a pet door to your property. It will allow unlimited access outside and coming in after the adventure. A pet door is very convenient and gives your unlimited pet access out for some exercise.

Inbuilt Sleeping Space

Inbuilt Sleeping Space

It is essential to get a sleeping space for your cat or dog. It is to keep them off your furniture or away from sleeping underfoot. The remodeling contractor can create sleeping space beneath the counters and cabinets, in the laundry, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or under the stairs. It gives your space a permanent sleeping space where they sleep in peace.

Built-In Feeding Area

Pet Feeding Area

Feeding your pet is a daily task. Consider installing a built-in feeding are during a remodel. The best remodeling contractors can give you options, including an integrated food and water station beneath the cabinets or a drawer sliding out food and water bowls. You can also have a water fountain installed for your pets connecting directly to your home water line. The contractor can also make a dedicated storage space for your pet’s food, grooming tools, and toys.

Safe Play Area

Indoor Pet Friendly Play Area

Pets enjoy playtime, including what they should and shouldn’t play with just like your kids. During the remodel, the contractor can make pet-friendly window treatments for your cat. Cordless shades and blinds instead of drapes prevent chances of pet disasters. A cat needs a safe place to play, jump, and climb. Shelves or a wall for your cat to play on are good options. Alternatively, you can opt for an elevated window seat where your cat can take a nap or watch the outdoors. As noted earlier, the pet door will offer your pet unlimited access to playtime outdoors.

Add A Washing Station

Pet Washing Station

Pets need to bath as part of their grooming. However, bathing a pet can become a massive mess, although there are ways to make this dreaded task simpler. The remodeling contractor should add a pet washing station into your laundry or mudroom. That can as well become a multi-purpose mudroom for other family members. The place needs easy to clean tile flooring and a handheld showerhead. You can also opt for a raised bathing station with a ramp and commercial pet dryer.

Floor Adjustment

Floor Adjustment

The choice of flooring makes significance when cleaning up after your cat or dog. It is difficult to remove pet hair, stains, and dander from a carpet. Fortunately, a hardwood or laminate wood floor limits claw scratches. These have tightly sealed seams that limit leakage in case of pet accidents. A tiled floor keeps the pet cool in summer while a radiant heat floor keeps warm during winter. The contractor can guide you in selecting the best floor to match your pet requirements and environment.

Ease Their Movement

Pet Friendly Home Design

Like humans, your pet needs extra assistance, as it grows older. It might require including planned aging-in-place designs during your home remodel to enhance your pet’s quality of life. Placing ramps in your elderly pet’s favorite sleeping spot allows reaching there quickly. Alternatively, install low-riser staircases to make moving upstairs easier for everyone, including your aging pet. Consider installing good lighting on the stairs to move easier when your pet has poor vision.


It is essential to mind the needs of every family member when undertaking a home remodeling project. Since pets are family, the remodel should cater to their needs as well. It might include a pet door, safe play area, washing station, and sleeping space. These additions will make life easier for you and your pet. It is possible if you team up with a reliable remodeling contractor.

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