How An Open Bathroom Design Can Create An Industrial Aesthetic For Your Home


How an Open Bathroom Design Can Create an Industrial Aesthetic for Your Home

There are lots of little touches that you can do in your bathroom that can increase the industrial aesthetic for the rest of your home. An open concept design is more likely to give you space and feel that you desire. Here are some design ideas that you can utilize that will make your bathroom feel more industrial.

Warehouse Appeal

A warehouse is considered extremely industrial. The appeal of this layout is that it’s open and airy. You can take even the smallest bathroom space and make it appear larger. Removing walls or using half walls for privacy are options that you can consider. Blending your bathroom design with the features of the rest of your home will make this space a further expansion on the other design elements that you’ve incorporated.

Using Accessories

The accessories are what can make the design of your bathroom flow when it comes to the industrial aesthetic of your home. For example, using steel pipes in your bathroom in a variety of ways can increase its industrial appeal. The piping can be used to create towel racks or even open shelving holders that are paired with reclaimed wood to store all of your bathroom supplies. You may also want to use them to hold up your sink and vanity.

Consider Your Finishes

Stainless steel countertops and reclaimed wood accent features are just some of the finishes that you can use to improve the industrial vibe of your bathroom. A barn door may also be something that you can install to increase the available square footage. Your choice of flooring maybe something else that can work to the benefit of your bathroom space. Wood-like tiling could help to complement the industrial aesthetic that you’re looking to create.

Floorplan Inspirations

An industrial aesthetic often involves a feeling of openness and being able to see from one side of the room to the other. This can be a little more challenging to create in the bathroom. Adding in windows or installing a glass surround for your shower may help you to accomplish the feel that you want. Another consideration is the placement of the toilet. Consider the ways that you can include all of your fixtures without making space appear cramped.

Your bathroom can still employ an industrial aesthetic if you plan things out carefully. Use these design tips so that you can make your bathroom reflect the industrial aesthetic that you want for the rest of your home.

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