How And Why You Should Build A Custom Flat Pack Kitchen?


If you want to make your kitchen look sophisticated, then investing in a custom flat pack kitchen is the best and most sensible way to go. Imagine classic shaker style doors that have a dusty hue instead of the plain and simple white door. It will add to the appeal and, at the same time, retain the classic and timeless look.

It will work beautifully with the other shades and elevate the style. It will make the door handles, and taps look like the kitchen’s jewelry with a unique backdrop. A wooden benchtop will add to the warmth of the welcoming kitchen.

Get The Look

Flat Pack Kitchen

When you consider a flat pack kitchen, make sure you look for cabinetry that has paneled facings commonly known as wainscoting. It will give the doors and drawers a framed appearance. The panels will add beauty to the plain cabinetry.

  • Also, consider brass accents to complement the look perfectly. It will give a heritage feel and a warm tone. Make sure that you choose crosshead gooseneck mixer, and cup-pull handles to add to the contemporary yet classic look.
  • Finish it off with classic feature tile on the floor that has earthy color and uses timber for dining furniture to add more warmth.

Build A Custom Base

Build A Custom Base
For a custom, a flat pack kitchen builds a custom base first. You can use the old plywood cabinetry as a solid wooden base. It will ensure the easy installation of the cabinetry eliminating the chances of toe-kicks even by 200 mm screws. Though it will prove out to be quite an expensive affair, it is a worthy investment, as the entire cabinetry will look like it is floating.

However, there are other options, as well. You can float the entire thing on its legs. It has an added benefit, as it will allow the light to pass underneath and bounce back. It will lift the most prosaic flat packs to a new level.

Augment With Free-Standing Furniture

Free-Standing Furniture For Kitchen
If you are in a budget and do not want to invest much in cabinetry, which can be costly, then you can augment the look with the inclusion of free-standing furniture i\on the kitchen island. If you have such furniture already, you can make the best use of it.

Make sure that you do not buy any appliances from the hardware shop because those are poorly made. Therefore, don’t buy appliances that come with a flat pack kitchen. Budget your project thoroughly so that you can buy this from elsewhere.

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