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Bathroom Extractor Fans

We all get to clean our bathroom from time to time. Some of us do so immediately after every use, while others do so from time to time. Regular maintenance of the bathroom is what keeps it clean and fit for purpose all the time. However, it has been noticed that the bathroom extractor fan is thereabouts one of the most neglected parts of the bathroom when cleaning, and this is not good enough. A Dorthy extractor fan can bring about lousy odor, mould, and mildew growth and result in some health problems in the long run.

To ensure that your bathroom is consistently clean and free from odor, you have to clean the extractor fan regularly. In this article, we shall be looking at the first article on how to clean the extractor fan regularly before examining some of the reasons you should do so. Check out reviews on bathroom extractor fans at

Cleaning Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

  • Start By Turning Off The Power

Airflow iCON ECO 15 240V 100mm Extractor Fan

The first step to cleaning your bathroom extractor fan is to turn off the power from the power on/off switch. Make sure also to disconnect the extractor fan from the overall power source before you start out cleaning. This is very important to avoid any electric shock or accident that results from it.

  • Take Off The Cover

Vents 100 SILENTA MVK Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

With the power off, start by taking off the cover from the extractor fan. Usually, after a while, the cover always has a lot of dust accumulated in it, so you should stay a distance away from the cover as you carefully take it off. This way, you can prevent the dust from coming on top of you. Remove the lid and carefully place it down somewhere that it is reachable.

  • Disassemble The Fan

Envirovent SIL100T Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

To be able to access every part of the extractor fan, you will need to disassemble all the elements of the fan. In doing this, make sure you exercise a lot of care and pay attention to every detail to know where to put what and what should be fastened against the other when reassembling.

  • Wipe The Cover And Fan Clean

100mm 4 Inch Modern Extractor Fan with Timer and Humidistat

With all the parts exposed, start by dusting off all the parts and vacuuming them to take away specks of dust and grimes from their surfaces. When this is done, you could get a soft cloth or rag and dampen it. Wipe this rag or towel around areas of the extractor fan till it is all clean.

  • Clean The Exhaust Pipe And External Ports

Vectaire A10 4T Extractor Fan

In cleaning the extractor fan, you mustn’t neglect the exhaust pipe and the external ports. Vacuum these two areas to take away dust and dirt from them. When this is done, it will allow for the free flow of air.

  • Clean And Vacuum The Fan’s Housing

Silavent SDF100TB Bathroom Extractor Fan

Like the exhaust pipe and external ports, you have to clean and vacuum the fan’s housing as this is the part where a lot of dust is also always being concentrated after a long while of use.

  • Reassemble The Fan And Put It Back In Place

Xpelair C4TS 4 inch 100mm Simply Silent Contour Extractor Fan

When you are done vacuuming and cleaning the fan, you will need to reassemble all the various parts in their place and fasten all the screws that need to be fixed. You will also need to be sure that when reassembling, everything is put in place is put in the right place. When you are done, put the cover of the fan back in its place.

  • Turn On The Fan And Run A Test On It

Cata Silber Graue Glasfront Extractor Fan

Plug the extractor fan back into the power supply and be sure it is well connected. Switch on the fan and run a test on it to be sure it is working and working perfectly well.

Why You Should Clean Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan

Cleaning your bathroom extractor fan is as important as cleaning the bathroom itself. This is because a neat bathroom with a dirty extractor fan is still not good enough and vice versa. When you wash your bathroom extractor fan regularly, you are:

  • Ensuring that the bathroom is neat and always smells nice.
  • You are also making sure that you avoid mildew growth or the likes in the toilet.
  • Regularly cleaning also makes the bathroom safe for use, keeping you green from any health hazard whatsoever.

No doubt, this article has been able to show you how to clean your bathroom fan extractor in the easiest way possible. It has also not left you in the blues as to why you should have your extractor fan clean to stay healthy. Why not go on to clean that extractor fan of yours today.

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