How Basement Waterproofing Can Increase The Value Of Your House

On November 12, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

How Basement Waterproofing Can Increase The Value Of Your House
While most home improvements are made to the exteriors of the house, most homeowners consider investing in the house where it gives some return as well. Areas that lead to an increase in the overall value of the house are most likely to be maintained. However, a basement is likely to be ignored when it comes to investing in it; the people who do not consider basement an essential part of the house are at a mistake. The well-maintained basement does not only provide benefits but also increase the value of the house. This requires the basement to be waterproofed; basement waterproofing can often provide the return on investment much higher than the initial expense. It also an excellent selling point for your house and you will get the costs recovered when you sell your house.

There are many benefits that basement waterproofing can provide a house which is described below.

  1. Increasing The House’s Worth:

A waterproofed basement leads to an increase in the value and worth of the house. Most people, when buying a new house with a basement appreciates the house if the basement is already waterproofed. It also increases the resale value of the house; on the other hand, if waterproofing is not done in the basement, then houses are often sold at a much lower price.

  1. Strengthening the Foundations:

By waterproofing the basement, the foundation of your house will become stronger. A basement with leaks and wet walls will lead the base of your house to get weaker over time, warn the experts of Granite Foundation Repair. It also leads to the growth of mold and other problems in the basement. The cracks and holes in the basement might cause the walls to get cracked and collapse.

  1. Add Space To The House:

As basements are the 1/3rd or ½ of the houses’ total area, an area this much big should not be just wasted in the name of laundry or a storage area. By waterproofing the basement, it will help you to utilize the basement in a much wiser way; when there will be no risk of dampness and moisture, then the basement can also be decorated and become a comfortable space of your house.

  1. Reducing Energy Costs:

Waterproofing the basement will reduce the energy costs of your house. When the basement does not have any mold or cracks, then a limited cool air will enter your house during the winters. Similarly, during summers, the seepage and moisture in the house cause the air conditioners to work harder to get rid of moist air. This will ultimately reduce the energy bills for your house and will cause the house to increase its worth.

  1. Clean Basement:

A waterproofed basement is not just water-resistant, but it is also very clean and tidy. The peeling paints, holes, cracks, seepage everything disappears with the waterproofing making it beautiful and neat. A potential buyer of the house will love the neat and fine look of your basement and is unlikely to find any issues with the basement, and as a result, the worth of the house will increase, and you will receive a higher price for your house.

  1. Saving On Insurance Claims:

As water damage accounts for one-fifth of the insurance claims made by the owners, taking care of the basement can be very beneficial. Flooding can cause the cracks in the foundation and leads to structural damage to the walls, wood, and other materials which can increase the price of the claims. Waterproofing the basement will eliminate the problems of flooding and the leakage due to which you do not have to spend on the insurance claims.

  1. Protection Of Your Investment:

Your house is your investment; keeping it clean, beautiful, attractive, and alluring is your responsibility. Remember the times when you first bought your house and took care of each and everything a little damage to the house caused pain in your heart. Do not just leave your house as it is when it needs you. Your house is calling for waterproofing, and you must do it to show some love to the house. It will also strengthen the foundations of your house and increase the overall value of the house.

  1. Reduce Renovation Costs:

Waterproofing the basements are a long-term solution for the water damage of the basement. It will give you relief for a more extended period, and you do not have to waste your money on short-term solutions. Moreover, it will also help in remodeling or renovating your house; it is believed that renovation should not be done in the house before addressing the water damage in your basement.

  1. Extra Privacy:

The waterproofed and cleaned are of the basement can be utilized for entertainment and recreational purposes. You can have parties and events in your basement; you can also turn it in your private gym. It can also be turned into a guest room, where the guest stays in the basement, and your privacy is not disturbed. There are many ways to use a basement and get benefitted by it. Moreover, when it is waterproofed, it will not have any smells, and you will not hesitate to go down to your basement.

  1. Health Concerns:

Waterproofing the basement eliminates many health risks associated with the leakages, seepage, and water damage in the basement. Mold can grow in less than 48 hours, and if it is not resolved, it can cause many health risks, including allergies, fever, headaches, asthma, or coughs. Waterproofing the basements make your house disease-free and hence results in increasing the value of the house.

The benefits of waterproofing the basements are more than the waterproofing expenses, so one must not hesitate in making the basement waterproof as it will not only benefit for the time being but also provide a good return in the long run. If you own a house with a basement, then you should consider it.

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  • Really liked your post. I am going to sell my property, but I am not getting good buyers for my home. No one agrees to spend money according to my demand. Well, I was thinking, how I can increase the value of my property and I am really glad that I have found your article. I have recently done garden renovation and installed concrete pathway, that company also provides basement waterproofing contractors. So I can contact them for this job also.

  • It’s good that you point out that having your basement waterproofed can strengthen the foundation of your home. I want the foundation of my home to last a long time, so I’m considering having my basement waterproofed. I’m going to look for a good basement waterproofing service in my area to hire.

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