How Can A Tuition Agency Help You?

On November 5, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

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Tuition agencies are small individual private run businesses that act as a bridge between parents and tutors. Parents and students search for tuition agencies that can help them find an efficient tutor who may be expertise in one or two subjects and can teach the same to the kid. It is important to engage a reputable agency to ensure that the tutor is properly qualified. (Click here to find a tutor).


Most agencies have their office and contact details which they promote through media and emails. Some agencies contact the parents directly, some work at a discretion i.e. only when a parent or student contacts. Once contacted, they would ask you in details

  • The subject you want to be tutored in.
  • The kind of expertise you look for in a tutor.
  • If your child needs special or different attention or behavior.
  • For how much period you need the tutoring for.
  • Any special additional requirements or query.

After filling out the details, they would let you know the tuition fees.

Similar happens with a tutor looking out for a student.

  • The subject he is expert in.
  • The language he is fluent in, and his mode of instructions.
  • His experience of teaching.
  • His education.
  • His expected fees.


Once a parent or a student is through with the process, the agency matches suitable tutors to suitable students. Sometimes, it so may happen that they give the student a higher priority, and mail them a list of tutors available for teaching the particular subject, with their details of experience, education, and fees.

For the parents or tutee, just by specifying your needs for the house tutor to the agency, the agency does the rest of the work by find the ideal tutor and appointing him to you. By stating them your requirements, the agency will help realize an improved database of tutors especially for you. Everything will fall under your convenience.

For the tutors, who may want a part time or a full time job, say an undergrad student, they don’t need to juggle both the things and keeping an eye for possible students here and there. They can be assured of a job they are seeking. Although, the agency would take a commission fee, for referring or appointing you to a house.

These agencies are an ideal way to find yourself a tutoring job or a tutor for your child. Most of the agencies come with their policies, and terms and conditions, which helps the tutee in a better way. For example, if one is not happy with the service of one tutor, he may always contact the agency, and the agency will take care of the rest. If you are in need of a tutor, but you feel like searching for a good experienced tutor is like finding a needle in a haystack, then contact your most referred agency that appoint tutors and relax. And if you want to teach, but can’t take out time to search for students, then apply in a similar agency for a job, and you are good to go!

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