How CBD Oil Works For Dogs With Canine Compulsive Disorder (CCD)


CBD Oil For Pets

CBD oil has shown, in what research has been done and anecdotally, to be successful in helping with symptoms associated with the different types of anxieties and various stressors people and pets endure. Claims suggest the compound has seen such success; more people opt for the substance when attempting to calm behavioral issues in their pets, including episodes of Canine Compulsive Disorder.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is readily available in real-time and through online suppliers like Holista Pet, with a wide range of products made specifically for dogs. The substance’s properties benefit canines by bringing a sense of relaxation to a stressed mind, making it ideal in patterned thought processes.

Dogs Suffering The Effects Of Canine Compulsive Disorder

Unfortunately, canines are as susceptible to behavioral challenges and mental disorders the same as people. Often pet parents misinterpret some of these behaviors as ‘acting out’ or inadequate training.

One example is “Canine Compulsive Disorder or CCD.” In dealing with this disorder, pups can display symptoms like over-grooming, relentless tail-chasing, staring into the air, and so many more repetitive patterned behaviors.

Claims suggest that patterned acts like these, showing no real purpose, are a dog’s form of coping with frustrations or anxieties. Anxiety is common for the species, with many pet parents and their vets opting for organic options like CBD oil to help relieve the condition’s symptoms. Learn about the various ways CBD products can bring relief to your canine at

What Causes The Condition?

The mental disease is comparable to human OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. There is an underlying cause of anxiety in each situation, and the root reason for the anxiety needs to be determined. In some cases, parents can figure out precisely the trigger that brought the stress, such as a move, the addition of a new pet, or a loss. But there are times when an apparent reason escapes the companion humans.

Discipline alone won’t be the solution to what is a mental health illness. Along with the vet, a healthcare plan needs to be implemented to address the stress hormones, brain chemistry or physiological components, and the fears, anxieties, or psychological elements.

Breeds Prone To Compulsion And Some Common Behaviors

Claims suggest that dogs perform these repetitive patterns as a survival instinct when their mind feels stressed. The behaviors mimic survival tactics like grooming, hunting, and feeding.

For some breeds, claims indicate there is more of a link for compulsion due to heredity like:

  • Collies
  • Retrievers
  • Terriers
  • Pointers
  • Spaniels
  • Shepherds
  • Dobermans

The behaviors they display will vary for each dog, depending on the degree of anxiety. Some common patterned disorders include:

  • Ingesting items that are not food or Pica
  • Barking incessantly
  • Tail chasing
  • Pacing
  • Snapping with no bugs around
  • Licking or over-grooming
  • Chasing shadows

As with a human, mental health disorders are not something you can fix for your pet. These are serious issues that need a medical professional in conjunction with yourself to uncover the root of the condition so proper treatment and training can be implemented. It is possible to work with a puppy to retrain to eliminate the repetitive thought process once there is a determination of the underlying cause.

In the meantime, keeping the dog’s anxiety symptoms and stressors manageable so that he can relax is a priority. It’s a pet parent’s option to speak with the animal’s regular vet if CBD oil is their chosen recourse. Most vets won’t voluntarily recommend the substance as an option because they don’t allow them to do so. It would help if you inquired so they can express their recommendations. See this to find out how CBD affects this species’ behavior.

Final Word

Cannabidiol or CBD oil boasts properties beneficial in reducing symptoms associated with anxieties and stressors, deeming it an ideal choice for these dogs encountering CCD.

Canine Compulsive Disorder is a genuine and sad mental illness endured by the canine species comparable to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder suffered by humans. If caught in the early stages, treatment and retraining are possible.

If you notice repetitive, unusual behavior with your pup, don’t delay taking the animal to their regular vet. You can help with the symptoms using things like CBD, but you can’t fix the illness at home. You need a medical provider to assess the canine.

We can’t be everything to our furry friends. Sometimes we need professionals to step in when the situation is above us. And that’s okay – work hand-in-hand.

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