How Commercial Cleaning Is Part Of Coronavirus Prevention


Commercial Cleaning

With businesses across the world struggling to survive amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there is a need to protect staff and customers. Much remains to be revealed about the actual cause of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. There is anticipation that this virus causing devastating implications on economies, businesses, and supply chains.

The public everywhere is advised to implement health and safety protocols to limit the spread of the virus. This is very important in workplaces where employees spend most of the day. Business owners also need a clear and well-coordinated emergency plan to ensure the productivity level is not affected. Below are things you should know about how commercial cleaning can keep your establishment safe from coronavirus.

How Coronavirus Can Spread In A Workplace

Before going into hoe commercial cleaning keeps your workplace safe, it is important to first understand how the virus spreads. Coronavirus spreads quickly when people sneeze or cough. These actions release tiny droplets with the virus. Another person is infected when these droplets land on their mouth, eyes, or nose. Keep in mind that this virus can also be found in another person’s stool. After infection, a person develops symptoms after about five days later during the incubation stage. This varies by person, and it might take about 24 days in other people.

How Commercial Cleaning Helps Curb Coronavirus

Sanitizing Dynamic Work Environments

Modern workplaces today implement dynamic work environments. These allow working without assigned seats. It encourages employees to use various seats during accomplishing tasks. The seats are reserved or grabbed on a first-get approach when selecting what will work for a particular task. Cleaning shared work seating is a big concern in the wake of coronavirus. Keep in mind that people usually spend limited time to clean the workspace before beginning to work.

Enlisting the services of one of the top commercial cleaning companies is key to meet the current hygiene and cleanliness standard in your office. Additionally, the cleaners will ensure that disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers are readily available in various areas of your office. The commercial cleaners understand the appropriate cleaning and sanitizing protocols throughout the office, including:

  • Cafes
  • Reception
  • Workstations
  • Conference rooms
  • Common areas
  • Collaborative areas

Stocking Cleaning Supplies

The team of commercial cleaners will ensure that your office is well stocked with anti-viral cleaning supplies and soap to limit shortage. Additionally, your office needs various hands free dispensers having dispensers containing about 60 to 95 per cent alcohol. These should be made available in the lounge area, conference room, and lobby.

Equally important is the provision of recycling receptacles and no-touch garbage that minimize contact. This is a smart way of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Your employees need discouragement from touching common surfaces while commuting to and from the office, including metal subway poles.

Reinforcing Good Hygiene Practices

This is possible with the use of bold signage and effective communications throughout your office. Hand washing is the most effective way to curb the spread of coronavirus. So, it is very important to keep reminding your staff to wash their hands properly at least for 20 seconds. Placing signage with reminders such as Wash your hands after coughing” and “Cover your mouth” across the office limits the chances of the virus in your office.

Protecting Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative environments allow employees to work with others on joint projects. Maintaining stringent cleaning protocols is essential to safeguard all work surfaces safe from potential contamination. Air is a shared resource making it easy to contaminate. It is very important to enlist professional cleaners to clean air filters on your HVAC system.

Another step is installing modern air purification and sanitization in your workspace. This system displays air quality in real-time to allow staying informed. Additionally, the ideal system continuously disinfects and improves air quality. This is through limiting surface and airborne contaminants such as smoke, bacteria, viruses, germs, and other allergens. Cleaner air makes your workspace healthier and limits the spread of coronavirus.

Strategies For Business Owners To Protect Employees

Working From Home

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, movement increases the chances of spreading the virus. So, allowing your staff to handle tasks from home is a wonderful idea to protect them. Give employees who can work from their homes to do so to lessen those working in your office. This lessens the pressure of protecting them from the virus.

Adjusting Habits At Work

Another way business owners can curb the spread of coronavirus is by having smaller meetings. Keeping a comfortable distance between colleagues is a wonderful form of social distancing. This is encouraged to limit the chances of contracting the virus through contact with others. Additionally, avoiding handshakes is strongly recommended to curb the spread of the virus.

Wrapping Up

Amidst the escalating spread of coronavirus, business owners have to join the struggle. This protects your staff and customers from getting infected while keeping your business afloat. Enlisting the services of commercial cleaners is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

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