How Curtains For Your Dining Room Are Equally Important As Table, Chairs And Chandeliers


While most of us think “tables and chairs” when talking about kitchen and dining furniture, it’s easy to forget about the psychology of the room and the way it makes us feel on the inside. We have that perfect hardwood table in place, the chairs are all lined up against it in perfect harmony, and the flower vase is sitting in the middle to spice things up. But something’s missing; you can’t put your finger on it, but you know something’s not right. Take a look at your windows, and you’ll realize; that’s it.

Many households these days don’t pay more attention to the drapery in the dining areas than they would to the other areas of the house; why would they? It’s a room like every other. Yes and no. Bear in mind that the dining area is “a dining area,” meaning that it’s the place you visit three times a day to consume food while surrounded by your loved ones. It’s the place where perfect family harmony resides and where you’re at your most comfortable or should be. The curtains play a significant role here for many reasons that are so obvious we overlook them all the time. What are they?

The Lighting

Dining Room Lighting

Depending on the type of curtains you have (or don’t), the lighting in the dining area will change dramatically and add or detract from your experience there. There should be a lot of natural light coming inside during the day, so making sure the drapery is flexible, light, and easy to move around is essential since you’ll want to open it when it’s sunny and comfortable to be in the light.

The Privacy

Dining Room Designs

The other side of the coin is personal privacy. There’s nothing worse than feeling exposed during dinner time when your drapes don’t cover your windows as much as you’d like them to, and anyone walking down the street can peek through without you knowing since your lights are on. Making sure that your curtains are not see-through and appropriately placed so that they can be opened and closed at will goes for both day and night routines.

The Décor

Dining Room Interior

This is the reason you’ve felt strange in your dining room. The curtains should always be chosen carefully, like any other piece of furniture, given the fact that you’re spending so much time in the dining room. This is the place where you eat, and eating means digestion, which in itself implies that you feel good mentally, safe, and happy. It may not seem much in the short run; it’s severely essential to choose what you’re looking at and spending time with when you eat regularly in a single place. Having the curtains match your walls, the rest of the furniture, or both, will do you a world of good when it comes to making you comfortable in your dining room. Whatever the drapery is, plain white cotton or flower texture, it’s up to you to decide, but be sure to select wisely and don’t choose without thinking since you’ll spend each day looking at them whenever you’re having a meal.

Choose Curtains With A Twist

The best curtains for your living area should match with the rest of your room’s décor. These are just as important as your chandeliers, table, and chairs. If you want, you can mix and match. Dark brown curtains go well with wooden dining tables and chairs. Spice things up with flowers. If the room is dark enough, choose lighter shades to create balance and make the whole décor scream freshness and sheer joy.

These are the most obvious reasons to pay close attention to equipping your dining room windows with proper drapery; while they don’t seem like much, try thinking about them for a minute. They make too much sense to be overlooked, but we do it all the time, and until we feel that we’ve picked the wrong ones and that they make us uncomfortable, it’s time to buy new ones, and that costs time and money. Why over-spend when you can be smart when decorating your living area? Transform your personal space into a beautiful room where wining and dining become a real pleasure.

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