How Custom Plantation Shutters Adds Ambience and Value to Your House


Are you planning to design your house? If your answer is yes, then you must be having several plans regarding the same. One of the concerns that often inhibits the mind of a home owner is that the design should be such that offers natural light to some parts of the house. The brilliant solution to this can be the plantation shutters, which offers natural light as well as are durable and looks classy. The great thing about these blinds is that it requires zero maintenance.

Custom Plantation Shutters

What Are The Plantation Shutters?

These have the look of wood, and apparently would give you an impression that they are wooden shutter panels for doors and windows. However, the material used to make them varies widely as per the manufacturer, demographics, and user preferences. Slats of the composite material are joined while connecting the right and left end of the door frame, with equal gaps between each slat, allowing the light and air to penetrate, without permitting internal visibility. With an angle change controller that is operated manually, you can change the angle of the slanted slats or shutter panels to allow in more light along with the better access to outer scene visibility.

These are used mostly in doors and windows in different areas of the house, where you would want natural light and air to pass through the day. Bathrooms, kitchens, patio styled living rooms are spaces which are not air conditioned to demand air tight doors and windows, and rather needs the constant flow of fresh air to balance the humidity, temperature, odor, and suspended components in air, and also pass in lots of light to build the healthy environment. Here the custom plantation shutters go perfect, and also render the perfect classy look that accentuates the value of the house as well as the functionality of the outlets.

You can get simple Custom plantation shutters which may not exactly fit your outlets, and your interior designer would cut out pieces from the bigger shutters to remake things. Alternatively, you can get custom made plantation shutters to fit your windows and doors.

What Are Plantation Shutters Made Of?

Custom Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters can be made of various materials. Before the advent of the engineered wood and plastic, the shutters were made of pure wood. But nowadays, there are many other options. One of the most common one is MDF followed by PVC. MDF are basically engineered wood, made from sawdust or wood dust and glue compressed together, and coated in various finishes. Other options are Basswood, Incense Cedar, Alder, Foamed Synthetics, and Laminated Shutters.

Each one has its own set of advantages, thus getting some fans in the market of plantation shutter lovers. The most preferred nowadays are the MDF ones for the resistance to various natural elements, strength and durability, finish and looks etc.

Advantages Of Plantation Shutters Over Other Forms Of Drapes And Blinds

Normally when you plan to get blinds or curtain to block the air and light to some extent, you invite in some must maintenance practices, like cleaning, washing etc. Besides most of the fabric based blinds are not durable for life, and most importantly, do not add to the value of the property. But quite contrary to this, the plantation shutters are stylish, classy, come with custom finishes, and gives you all the features of blinds without asking maintenance, and most importantly adds to the value of the property.

Also, by installing them, you may get a better value for the same while trying to sell off the property. However, when you don’t plan to sell it, then you can really enjoy the ample light and fresh air you get in through the plantation shutters. Add custom styling to them, and get colors and mixed shades, prints and designs to accentuate the interior of the rooms even more. And once you get used to the benefits of the wonderful window treatment, you won’t want to use any other treatment option in its place.

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