How Do Fingerprints Door Locks Work & Why Choose Them?


Fingerprint Door Lock

Security is always a concern for most people. As long as you have a house or a home, you want to safeguard it in the best way possible.

Due to technology, there is a wide range of door locks that you can choose from. Fingerprint door locks are a great way to keep a home safe as they are programmed to recognize specific fingerprints.

Everyone has a unique fingerprint, so no-one can use their fingerprints to access your home unless they have been registered in the system.

How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

While not essential, you should understand how they work before installing one.

First, you place your finger on the scanner; it scans your fingerprint and converts this into numerical data. Once the data is saved, the door lock will recognize you every time you place the fingerprints on the scanner.

This is known as using biometrics to gain access, and the good thing is, if the system does not recognize the fingerprint, no access will be granted.

Benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks

Most of us have locked ourselves out of our home at one point, often in the middle of the night.

With no access to our homes, we are forced to call an emergency locksmith to regain access. However, with a fingerprint door lock, this never happens as you will always have your finger with you.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • They are more affordable compared to other types of high-security systems.
  • They are comfortable to use as all you need is to scan your fingerprints, unlike those that need your eyes to be scanned.
  • They can be used for a long time as the fingerprints remain the same.
  • Convenient as no worrying about losing your keys
  • They are non-intrusive. This means they are not easy to alter or fake fingerprints.

How to Choose a Fingerprint Door Lock

Just like with other door locks, there are a few things that are a must-do before you purchase. You want an effective locking system that will protect your belongings.

  • Consider the FRR rate. This is the False Rejection Rate, and the lower, the better.
  • Whether it has a mechanical key slot or keypad, the best thing about those fingerprint door locks with these features is that you can access them even when your fingers don’t work, maybe if you have heavy scratching from an accident.
  • How many fingerprints can the system store? This is also important, and it depends on the number of people you want to grant access to your property.
  • Consider how the door locking mechanism is powered.
  • The door lock material is also important to consider. Due to the durability and agility of aluminum, it is a highly recommended material.

Fingerprint door locks come with numerous benefits that include affordability, features such as a keypad, and are non-intrusive. This makes them ideal for homes and offices.

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