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Motorized Blinds

Do you ever wake up in the morning with the sunlight beaming through your bedroom window, straight into your eyes, and making you uncomfortable? Do you ever wish that you could rid yourself of these annoying sunbeams without leaving your cozy bed to close the blinds? If you are looking for a way to control your window covers without getting up and down all the time, then motorized blinds are a great option!

How do motorized shades work to give you such convenience and save you from getting out of bed every morning? With manually controlled blinds, you need to pull the blinds’ strings to open or close blinds. That involves walking up to the window to achieve this. However, with motorized blinds, an electrical motor connected to the blinds replaces you (so you can stay longer in bed). Instead of pulling strings, the electric motor operates the blinds by turning a tube or blind shaft installed parallel to the blinds.

But for these motorized shades to work their magic, they need a power source. This leads us to our next issue.

What Can Automatic Window Shades Be Powered By?

Very little energy is required to operate motorized window shades because they are highly energy efficient. As a result, multiple options are used to power these window shades. Let us take a look at the available options.

Battery-Powering Roller Shades

Wondering how do motorized blinds work with batteries and what benefits you get from this? Because the electric motors used to operate roller shades are highly energy efficient, all you need are simple AA or double D batteries to power the motorized shades. While they will need to be replaced often, they certainly are unnoticeable around the blinds as they can be installed just above the blind shaft. Additionally, batteries are the go-to option for windows that are nowhere near a power outlet.

To avoid spending too much on batteries, we advise you to go for the rechargeable options. For longevity, lithium batteries may do the trick as they can go for a longer stint without needing replacement. Some motorized blinds also come pre-installed with a rechargeable battery so that you only need to connect the blinds to a power outlet to charge them.

Connect Your Blinds Directly To A Power Distribution Panel

Do not fancy having to replace batteries or connect your window covers to a power outlet? Consider hardwiring your window covers to your power distribution panel. With this option, you have the liberty to connect all the motorized shades in your house to more central power control. The added benefit is that you can run wires through the wall to maintain a clean look around your windows. However, you will need to hire an electrician to get the job done.

Power Your Blinds Using Solar

There is no need to scratch your head trying to figure out “how motorized window blinds work with solar power.” Your window exists to let sunlight in, so why not use some of that sunshine to get your shades rolling? Save yourself a bump to your energy bills by going the solar power route. Solar-enabled shades and window treatments only need a small solar panel system connected to the motor to work. In addition, you can equip the system with backup lithium batteries to hold a charge for less sunny days.

On the contrary, this option may not work for all windows in your house as not all windows receive enough sunshine. Solar-powered covers are more suited for rooms that face south or west as they receive more sunshine. Also, before settling for this option, ensure that there are no trees or other obstructions blocking the passage of the sunshine to your windows.

Connect Your Blinds To A Power Outlet

If constantly replacing batteries is something you frown upon, then there is a more convenient solution for you. Simply connecting your motorized window shades and blinds to a power outlet close to the window saves you the stress of complex installations as with the power distribution option. On the contrary, having wires hanging from your covers to a socket may be an unpleasant sight.

How Are Window Shades Controlled?

Smart homes are the future, and motorized sun shades for windows are a must-have in a home. Not only do they save you from getting up early to open or close your shades, but they also allow you to do the same even when no one is at home. You have several options to interact with your shades and curtains motors ranging from manual to smart automation.

To control your electric shades manually, options like a wall switch, mobile apps, and physical remotes exist. However, a more sophisticated way is to use smart automation that opens or closes your windows at certain times of the day. With the smart automation route, you do not even need to lift a finger or be at home to control your electric blinds.

Final Words

Your blinds do not have to be boring and inconvenient for you. Upgrade your home to smart home status and experience the future with electric blinds that you can control at the touch of a button or the flip of a switch. At Omwave, our motorized blinds are designed to give you convenience without compromising on the aesthetics of your home. Choose between our wired or wireless electric shades to give your windows a touch of the future.

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