How Do You Calculate A Roof Pitch?


Roof Pitch Calculator

If you are thinking about making a new roof on your house, you’re certainly accomplishing a lot of research about it before such a large investment. You will see a new thing known as “Roof Pitch”. Well, the measurement of the angle of the roof is termed roof pitch. You may also hear the term “roof slope,” but “pitch” is more commonly and widely used in the roofing industry. It is one of the fundamental elements of your roof; therefore, it’s a good reason to know how to calculate the roof pitch of your home.

Well, a free online roof pitch calculator comes to calculate the pitch and length of the roof that you need for construction. This online roof angle calculator also helps to give by the number of inches or feet it increases vertically. For every 12 inches or feet, it rises horizontally. Once you see a roof’s pitch in composing or hear it from a roofing contractor, it will come in the form of a roof pitch angle and a ratio between rising and run in the term of x:12

How To Calculate Roof Pitch Of The House?

  • To precisely compute the pitch of your roof, you will need to learn the basic key terms and measurements.
  • The distance from one particular point of the roof to the highest point of the roof is the vertical measurement of the roof. If you are looking at a right triangle in the roof, you’ll notice the rise as the vertical element and the run as the horizontal element.
  • Run is the horizontal measurement of how distant the roof rises, which is typically the distance from the height of the roof to the exterior wall of the roof. However, you can calculate the measurements accurately with the assistance of a free online roof pitch calculator.
  • Roof slope is often considered the same entity as pitch, but it’s significant to comprehend the slight difference. Generally, the slope is the angle of the roof; therefore, it’s a ratio in inches of the vertical height per foot of the horizontal run. For example, for a roof with a 5-inch height for every 12 inches of run, this ratio becomes looks like 5:12. Therefore, the ratio always indicates inches per foot. Also, you can calculate this value by using the roof slope calculator.
  • On the other hand, the pitch is also an angle of the roof that represents as a fraction dividing the rise by the span, which is the distance between the outside walls of the roof. For instance, a roof with a height of 4 feet and a span of 28 feet would indicate a 1/7 pitch of the roof. Besides that, you can use this free online roof pitch calculator to make easy calculations.

With the help of the above terms and measurements, you should be capable to estimate the pitch of your roof. As a result, this will assist to calculate the accurate roof vent collar height for your roof pitch. Apart from that, the best choice to calculate the pitch of the roof of your home is to use a free online roof pitch calculator.

Three Things To Know About Roof Pitch:

Now you understand roof pitch is just the sharp angle of your roof. But there are several things that are necessary for you to learn other than the basic definition.

  1. Roof pitch affects the price of your roof replacement
  2. You need a typical roofing material if you have a specific roof pitch
  3. Don’t try to calculate roof pitch yourself, and you must use a tool like a calculator for accurate calculations.


It’s a better idea of how to determine the pitch or slope of your roof. No doubt, there are several ways for it. But the best and free way to calculate the pitch of the roof is by using a roof pitch calculator.

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