How Do You Cope During A Power Outage At Home?


Authorized Electrician

A power outage in a home can be caused by many reasons. The activity that should be done first is to find out the reason why the light went out, and with it, all the appliances powered by electricity stopped working. In most cases, the fault can be removed independently. However, there are also situations in which you have to wait for authorized services to take action.

Nowadays, nobody can imagine life without electricity. And it’s not just about lighting, but the inability to use most household appliances, computer equipment, audiovisual equipment, and sometimes heating. If the malfunction is short-lived – generally, we manage to get through it. However, if our building is deprived of energy for a longer period of time, the problems begin to pile up. Food in the refrigerator is unfit for consumption a few hours after the refrigerator-freezer is disconnected from the power supply. You can’t wash clothes, charge phones, watch TV, etc. In extreme cases, you may not be able to cook a meal or heat your home and/or heat water. For our own good – we should take appropriate precautions as soon as possible.

Why Is There No Power? – We Check The Fuses

Fortunately, relatively often, it turns out that the devil is not so black as he is painted. Lack of electricity at home is almost universally caused by the so-called blown fuses. This is most often the result of overloading the home’s power grid (outdated installation or using an excessive number of appliances at the same time).

Old-type fuses are rather rare nowadays. However, they can still be found. The problem is solved by replacing the plug with a new one. Experts at Local Technician advise that old fuses should be inspected and evaluated by touching their metal caps with a neon lamp (a device similar to a screwdriver).

New fuses (modular or automatic) must have the lever or button in the proper position. Their users know very well that the electricity in the apartment is restored by changing the position of the key.

Common Overload Problems With Home Electrical Systems

If an automatic fuse won’t return to its proper position, start by disconnecting some part of the electrical equipment. Do not repair any type of current fuse yourself. You can only replace them with new ones. However, if the new one does not want to work as well (after disconnecting certain consumers from the network), the problem is most likely more serious, and its elimination should be handled by an authorized electrician.

We should be aware that frequent overloading of the installation can lead to serious failures and can even cause a fire in the apartment. There are situations in which the replacement of cables is simply indispensable, and only this solution is reasonable. This type of work should be commissioned by professionals who have the appropriate qualifications.

Remember that smouldering wires in no case should be extinguished with water! If the source of the fire has been located by us, to liquidate it, you should use a powder extinguisher, which should always be in the equipment of our homes and apartments.

You Don’t Have Electricity And Neither Do Your Neighbors? – What Should You Do?

If the fuses installed in your home system work properly and overloads are practically unknown to you, but you still do not have electricity at home, the reason is most probably a lack of power supply for the building, street, or housing estate. Visit Bravo Electro to see more about power supplies. This is most often caused by power cuts in given areas. These are not, of course, malicious actions of the electricity supplier but serious failures of power traction. Such problems should be reported to the manager or administrator of the building (if there is no power only in one dwelling) or to the emergency service (if more houses are cut off from power)

Preventive Actions

Breakdowns have a way of happening when we least expect them. It can also be the case with a lack of electricity. You should be prepared for such a circumstance and always have at home a supply of candles and a working flashlight (preferably battery-powered). Electrically charged flashlights discharge after some time (even if they are not used). Remember that you will not be able to recharge such a device if there is no power at home, but it will be indispensable, for example, to look into the fuse box. If the breakdown lasts longer, you should also remove food from the fridge. In the winter, the best place for food will be the balcony. In the summer, unfortunately, sometimes you just have to throw some products away.

Power Generator

A generator is a so-called own small power plant. The engines of these devices are powered by fuel, so they produce electricity on their own. Currently, power generators have quite minimal dimensions, vary in power, and cost differently. For a generator of a reputable brand and with high efficiency, you need to pay even close to $3,000. For periodic home use, we will not need such professional equipment. However, it’s also not worth buying a power unit from the lowest price range because neither its engine nor its windings can withstand prolonged work without rest. Such an aggregate will not supply the house with energy, for example, around the clock. In stores, you will find a separate group of devices dedicated precisely to powering houses at a time when, for specific reasons, there is a break in the supply of electricity.

Remember that the most important parameter of power generators is their power. Its level should each time be adjusted to individual needs. The correct selection usually willingly helps sellers of the discussed equipment. One more factor that should be taken into account when buying a power generator is the noise level, which is generated during the operation of the device. You should be aware that this is particularly important in a home environment. On every piece of equipment, you will find information about the amount of decibels it produces. It is worth knowing that every 10 units more is associated with ten times higher volume.

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