How Does A Huge Bean Bag Chair Add A Unique Charm


Huge Bean Bag Chair

Back in the decade, no lounge rooms were complete without a slouchy bean bag lounger, and even today, bean bags are a huge design hit, popping on all social media platforms and in modern-styled homes across the globe. It makes your home decor look more effortless and cool!

However, times have changed, and so have the sizes of the bean bags. They are no longer dowdy; instead, they are made of natural material and come in more muted colors. And we are honestly not surprised that bean bags have made this enormous comeback. These slightly bizarre chairs are exceptionally comfortable and very easy to transport. Choosing the best bean bag today is not that easy, though, so if you are looking for the legendary bean bag chair, this article on Architecture Lab has it; cast a glance!

If you add a bean bag to your home decor, what gets added is more flexibility. You can keep moving the bags as you please. And if you love retrospecting, it can provide you with a good and comfortable place to sit back and reflect.

What Is The Secret Behind The Comfort That Bean Bags Provide?

Huge Bean Bag Chair

If you have used bean bags before, you will agree with us that it is the most fought over furniture in the house. Even your dog will become your competitor when choosing who gets to sit on it!

Be it for Saturday night wine drinking or post-work coffee break, trust us when we say that it provides you with the ultimate comfort. As you plonk down into the bean bag, all you will feel is getting a giant hug from a friend. These bags are made in a way that they mold to the shape of your body, and that’s what makes them every bit enticing.

The bags are filled with polystyrene beads, foams, or even memory foam. All these materials are highly efficient when it comes to the bean bag contouring to your body shape. And unlike chairs and sofas, you can get the bean bag to sit in any position you desire.

If you’re getting office work done, put it in a way that keeps your back straight. Similarly, you can place it differently if you’re looking to relax or snuggle on it.

Which Bean Bag Chair Is The Best?

When you hit the market to buy a bean bag, you will see hundreds of options, which vary in terms of size, shape, and a range of additional features.

Like any other furniture, not all bean bags are made the same, and the quality you get depends on the money you invest. We would suggest that you go for a branded bean bag as that will last for a long time. You can try the Sheepskin bean bags as they are extremely plush and comfortable and feel silky soft to touch.

If you are wondering what Sheepskin is, it is a premium-quality fiber that’s long-lasting. It comes with its moisture and dirt protection system. So, if you plan to use it for everyday purposes, it may well be the best bet.

How To Choose The Best Bean Bag?

The first step in choosing the best bean bag is to figure out how you plan to use it. This will help you decide the type that would work best for you. For example, if you are buying one for your small city apartment, it is best to go for a minimalist one that would not occupy too much space. Go for a standard size variant in a natural material.

On the other hand, if you have a family holiday home and are planning to spend the weekend there, you might have to consider it differently. You can use a larger, more comfortable bean bag that you can drag to the lawn or the balcony for lounging in the sun. For this purpose, remember to buy a water-resistant one.

And if you are confused about the size, go for a standard one. It’s a good starting point and will help you get the hang of things.

Which Bean Bag Size Is Best?

Whenever you buy new furniture, you want to make sure that it works well, and a bean bag is no different.

The standard sizes are the most popular among users, as they are of the right size for an adult to enjoy cozy seating. And it is good enough for a child to climb up on it comfortably.

That said, there are some brands that make extra-large sizes, and they can be great if you are planning to use the bean bags outdoors. But if you are planning to keep it in your drawing room, think twice as it will occupy a considerable amount of space.

What Goes Inside A Bean Bag?

Since its inception, bean bags have been filled with expandable polystyrene beans. However, in current times, various fillings are used in the bags, such as microbeads, foam fillings, and many more.

Wison and Dorset Shaggy bean bags, for example, are filled with high-quality beads. These beans are relatively smaller than the fillings that go into the making of standard bean bags. Also, they are entirely recyclable and of high density. The advantage here is that the beads do not get squashed down easily, which is a major problem with most standard bean bags.

So, if you want the bean bags to last for a long time, it is best that you go for something similar. And the best part is that the Ambient Lounge has teamed up with Wilson & Dorset to bring the best bean bags to you. You can use the discount code: WILSON DORSET for 15% off on the purchase, in case you are making the transaction on online stores in New Zealand and Australia.

We recommend that you go for the Premium Ultra-Bead bean bag, as it is 100% recyclable and the beads are of high density. This way, you can rest assured that your bean bag will last for years to come.

Do Bean Bags Help In Maintaining Posture?

Traditional seatings such as chairs and sofas can be a bit unsupportive at times when it comes to sitting. They may be of the wrong height or too stiff, leading to slouching and bad posture. This can eventually lead to enhancing your existing pains and backache.

Honestly, bean bags provide the middle ground to hit the “sweet spot.” The fillings present in the bean bags make them malleable and, at the same time, provide excellent support to your body, thereby helping you maintain correct posture.

But remember that you always need to keep your bean bags topped with beads so that they can help support your body fully.

Do Bean Bags Cure Back Pain?

When used in the proper fashion, bean bags can be great at providing support when you sit. A large bean bag can be efficient at reducing the pressure from your shoulders, hips, and spine. But we always recommend that if you already have a severe health condition, take the advice of a doctor before beginning to use a bean bag.

Coming to why bean bags are better than conventional chairs, it is because they are highly flexible. You do not have to sit locked in a single position for hours. Your sitting will be more fluid and your movements more natural. This is what helps your entire body to get relaxed.

And if you are feeling experimental, you can even use it as a platform where you can practice strength exercises and stretches. This would help you get off the couch and get to connect better with your body.

Why Do Bean Bags Become Flat Over Time?

Most bean bags are stuffed with beads made of EPS, which is a close alternative to styrofoam. If you buy a high-quality bean bag, the beads that go in them are all virgin beads that are made just for use in bean bags.

These beads have many air pockets in them, and with use, the air gets released, and they get reduced in size. Because of this, your bag might look a bit compressed at times. If this happens, consider filling it with new beads. Otherwise, this would ruin the ergonomics and the comfort that your bean bag provides.

We would recommend that when you’re buying a bean bag, make sure that you go for high-quality beans as they are denser. Because they contain less amount of air, it would take them longer to get deflated. This way, you can enjoy the taut comfort of your bean bag for a long time.

However, keep in mind that after an extended time, your bean bag will get a little deflated, irrespective of how good the beads were. In the worst-case scenario, it might turn into a mushy puddle. So, make sure that you immediately top it up with beads as soon as you detect some deflation. Otherwise, the outer cover might get stretched, and that will disrupt the shape and size of the bag.

To be on the safe side, it is best that you do a yearly top-up. That way, your bean bag will always stay in perfect shape. Keep a watch on this space to know more about our experiment with more renewable beads filling as an alternative!

How To Shape A Bean Bag?

To keep your bean bags in shape, the best thing to do is keep an eye on the fullness of your bag. If you notice that it is getting slightly deflated and not plump anymore, you will have difficulty finding the perfect sitting position.

Before you sit down, always pick up the bean bag and drop it back on the floor to give it its proper shape. Then you can sit however you feel comfortable. If you want to sit upright, it is best to place it against a wall or any hard surface.

How To Take Care Of a Bean Bag?

There’s no doubt that bean bags are pretty easy to take care of. The more care you take of it, the better condition it will be in. If you are committed to taking care of it, it will surely last for a long time. Keep in mind, the best way to take care of a bean bag entirely depends on the outer material of the bag and the kind of beads that are put in it.

Mostly, the products come with a proper care label, which would help you ensure the best maintenance for your bean bag. Let’s look at the most common methods that you can implement to take care of your bean bags.

  1. Color Maintenance

One of the most important things to do is ensure that the bean bag’s color remains intact. The colors fade more often than not because we end up placing the bag outdoors, sometimes on our lawns and other times on the balcony.

And direct sunlight often makes the natural color fade. Most fabrics cannot handle direct sun rays for long and get damaged, so it is best to minimize the exposure to reduce damage.

  1. Cleaning

Washing the entire bean bag is a task. And if you are doing it, remain cautious as it may leave permanent marks on some textiles. The best way to remove any stain is to spot clean the area. And if you are using a Sheepskin bean bag, spot cleaning can show some excellent results.

Regular vacuuming is essential for all bean bags, irrespective of the material they are made of. While cleaning, make sure that you reach all the seams and every nook and corner to get the dust off.

  1. Miscellaneous

Ensuring that your bean bag is always topped up is a good way to take care of it. This will help you derive maximum comfort and prevent the outer cover of the bean bag from warping.

Also, as tempting as it might look, please avoid jumping on your bean bags. Things might go south, and you might be left with nothing but a burst bag with beads overflowing all over the place.

Are Bean Bags Washable?

Most of the bean bags that you will find on the market are made of textiles and come with proper care instructions. It will tell you how to wash and dry your bag correctly. So, we recommend that you read the label properly before deciding to buy one.

However, here’s a good starting point: when in doubt, always prefer washing it by hand over machine washing. And it is best to go for dry cleaning. If you have no choice but to send it for machine washing, run it on a gentle cycle in lukewarm water.

Most importantly, remember to dry it in the shade and never put it in the dryer. Otherwise, it might come out of the machine in shreds.

Is It Right To Put Bean Bags In Dryers?

Honestly, this is highly dependent on what the outer material of the bean bag is made of. But we always recommend our readers refrain from using the dryer to avoid unwanted shrinkage.

Most bean bags come with removable covers and a bag containing the beans, and you need to take out the inner bag before you start with the cleaning process. However, you don’t have to worry if the inner bag is missing. All you have to do is find a larger bag where you can empty the contents before sending the cover for a wash.

That said, we cannot agree more that bean bags are amazing seating options that have won the hearts of both kids and adults. With the thousands of available options on the market, we are sure you will find your perfect fit!

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