How Double Benefit Helps With Acoustic Ceilings?

On March 21, 2015 by Melissa Hamler

Acoustic ceilings are fast gaining popularity in various businesses, schools and even homes. While planning to lower the height of a modern room, these tiles work out as a great option because the prices for these are quite affordable. As these ceilings are able to dampen ambient noises, they workout as an added advantage. These ceilings are chosen for basement remodels because these can hide the cooling and heating ducts or unsightly pipes and wires. This has also proved to be an easy fix to rooms that are unappealing. These types of suspended ceilings are made up of the stick-built grid system and the acoustic tiles. Also known as the lay-in ceiling, this works out as a durable, cost effective and versatile option.

Let’s talk about the Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Systems:

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  • The biggest advantage of these acoustic ceiling is that they can be removed without causing any damage to the existing system and the look of your ceiling can be maintained. You have a wide range of aesthetic options if you go for these tiles.
  • As these acoustic ceiling are available in different textures and designs, it is easy to choose the one that is apt for your property. As these are made from mineral fiber, they are very effective in reducing the noise. They could be of great help in preventing loud echoes and environment as they are good at absorbing sound within a specific space. Rooms with hard flooring are benefited from these, as otherwise you find the sound bouncing from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. In acoustic ceiling you also get the option of fiber glass.
  • You have multiple options in these, like the rough appearance or the smooth appearance. It totally depends on what kind of design you prefer, and the kind of décor you want for your room. You also have an option of choosing an imprinted design tile or probably a pattern of your choice that is scored into the tile. You can also make a choice of a tile with the many edge options.
  • These ceilings being highly light reflective allows the light to reflect back easily and this also saves on the utility bills. You can make your choice of the panel by keeping reflectivity, fire resistance and the resistance of humidity in mind.
  • As these acoustic ceilings are flexible you can install them at any room you want. These can be easily changed because they are easy to remove.

How to Choose the Acoustic Ceilings

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You need to refer two general ratings when you wish to evaluate the performance in acoustic ceilings that is Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and the Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC). The NRC can give you the information about how much noise can your ceiling absorb, which in turn can lessen the noise in the room, whereas the CAC can rate the efficiency of acoustic ceiling as a barrier to sound transmission which is airborne. You can make a choice from the various designs and patterns available in acoustic ceiling. You also have the choice of opting for acoustic ceiling which are neutral in color so that you get the freedom of even painting them whenever you redo your house or need a change.

All that you need to do is find a company which can offer you these tiles with all the available options, making your choice easier. Checking online for dealers who sell these acoustic ceiling, you can gather all the information required and give a fresh look to your home. With textures like leather, wood grain and marble available in these ceiling tiles, it is not difficult to find the one of your choice.

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