How Effective Is Your Air Filter?


Air Filter

An ineffective air filter can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your air. Air filtration is important for a clean living or workspace, but it is also highly valuable for a healthy space too. Dirty air can lead to long term effects on your health that are possible to prevent, which is why the effectiveness of your air filter should be closely monitored.

Air filters can be impeded in terms of effectiveness, so it is good to know how this happens, and what you can do to alleviate these problems. One really important question to ask yourself when it comes to your HVAC air filters is how effective they are, so let us take a look at how you can tell if your air filter is effective.

  1. MERV Rating

The first step in determining if your air filter is effective is checking its MERV rating. These ratings help determine filtration capabilities. On any filter, there is a MERV rating, which ranges from 1 to 20. With 1 being the lowest capability, and 20 being the highest. Furnaces, among other equipment, need good filters, and the MERV rating is important to know so that the filtering is strong enough. The experts at, discuss the importance of higher MERV ratings, and other filter effectiveness traits. Some of these traits involve the use of commercial and residential use, as well as the pollutants they can filter.

  1. Cleanliness

The cleanliness of a filter is also something to consider when you think about how effective your filters are. Although filters are used to handling the pollutants in the air that they need to remove, they do become clogged without routine maintenance. Clogged filters can be taken out and done by hand, which will greatly improve the filtering ability, and prevent any long term issues with an HVAC system. Some filters are reusable, or washable, which is advantageous for effective filtration as they can be kept for the long term. It is advised to clean, or at least check, the filter once a month at a minimum.

  1. Dimensions Or Size Of The Filter

Improperly fitted filters are not going to be as effective as a filter that is well fitted in a home, business, or commercial space. Measuring the dimensions and making sure it is fitted properly can improve the ability to trap or stop any unwanted particles in the air. The spaces or cracks left by this improperly fitted filter allows for those particles to slip by, or worse, the filter does not fit and can break if it falls out of place. Custom dimension filters are available to help create a filter fitting that is perfect for even irregularly dimensioned equipment or sites.

  1. Strong Air Flow

As with the cleanliness, the effectiveness of your air filter can be determined by the noticeable change in airflow. Stronger airflow is a good sign that your air filter is working properly. The flow of the air needs to be strong enough to feel at higher settings, and that cleanliness determines the strength when it is clogged. Fewer particles trapped equals better airflow, which you will notice, or hear, once an air system is fully operational.

  1. Air Quality Test

While there are obvious ways to check the filter itself, and even some that rely on you observing the air around you, you might not notice how much is slipping by your air filter. This can be tough to determine as the particles or pollutants in the air are so miniscule. Even microorganisms and bacteria are things that air filters are used to stop, which are impossible to see with the naked eye. Thus, an air quality test may be in order. Professional air monitors can come in and run a test before and after to see if your air filter is working, and determine that the air is safe. Air quality is very sensitive, and something as familiar as cigarette smoke can alter the quality. Luckily, there are a lot of MERV ratings for filters that are strong enough to stop things as fine as smoke or at least help prevent odor.

Effectiveness is the utmost importance for an air filter. Faulty filters can cause health problems when they let in too many pollutants. These tips can help you determine just how effective your HVAC or air systems filter is, and give you the heads up on what you need to do to adjust or replace it to ensure good quality air that is safe.

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