How Energy-Efficient Window Glass Helps Reduce Energy Bills


Energy Efficient Windows

With every passing year, the costs for heating and cooling your home increase and weigh heavily on your budget for utilities. Homeowners everywhere are constantly looking for ways to pay lower energy bills, and while some of their solutions are reasonable, none match the efficiency of Low-E windows.

If you wonder how energy-efficient window glass can help you reduce energy costs, you have come to the right place. This short guide on E-Low windows should help you discover how to pay less on your annual energy bill.

How Can Windows Be Energy-Efficient?

There are numerous options for energy-efficient windows out there, but it isn’t easy to choose which ones are the best for your home. They have various names and standards, but we do not know for sure what makes them different. And, after all, in what way are they energy efficient?

At Ecochoice Windows, we take great pride in providing our clients with a complete set of detailed information so they can make a decision easier. To answer these frequent queries from many customers out there, we offer the following short classification of energy-efficient window glass.

Windows with Low-E Coating

Low-E stands for low-energy, and it represents a type of window coating that reduces the amount of UV radiation and infrared light entering your home. Additionally, it helps retain heat into your home in the cold season and reflect it out in the summer. Therefore, it helps you pay less on your energy bill.

Windows with Insulating Gas

Some window glasses use gases like argon and krypton to act as insulation for your home. They help minimize the heat from entering your home in the scorching days of summer, and they also keep it from going out in winter. In combination with the Low-E coating, this kind of window with insulating gas should diminish your annual energy costs even more.

Triple Pane Glass Windows

This type of window contains three individual glass panes. When you opt for additional Low-E coating and insulating gas, it becomes the best energy-efficient glass window for your home.

Less efficient, but well-insulating nonetheless, are windows that use two or one glass panes. They are less expensive than the triple pane windows, but if you opt for Low-e coating and gas insulation, you will still get highly energy-efficient windows for your home.

At Ecochoice Windows, we have all window glass formats available with premium quality Low-E coating and insulating gas features to help you obtain maximum energy efficiency for your home.

How to Pick Energy-Efficient Windows

If you are in the market for energy-efficient windows, you should know more about the certification standards that separate them and which ones ultimately decide the price variations. Here are the certifications that you might see on high-quality energy-efficient windows:

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

You should never purchase windows that do not feature the NRFC label. The National Fenestration Rating Council is an independent, non-profit organization that carefully inspects windows before reaching the market. They ensure that the glass in these windows is energy-efficient and has a legitimate U-Factor.

The National Accreditation & Management Institute (NAMI)

NAMI is a national agency that inspects and certifies windows and other envelope products, such as patio doors and skylights.


ENERGY STAR certifications ensure that the windows feature the minimal standard for performance and energy efficiency. They always appear on the high-quality window glass.

The U-Factor

Before you purchase the next set of windows for your home, check the U-Factor that they feature.

The U-Factor is the measure of heat transfer that the window allows. The lower the U-Factor is, the better the energy efficiency it ensures. A high U-Factor usually represents a window glass of poor quality.

The Ecochoice Windows Solutions For Optimal Energy Efficiency

When you purchase new windows for your home, you should opt for the top-of-the-line products. Even if they are a bit expensive up front, they will save you more money in the long run than mediocre but cheaper windows.

At Ecochoice Windows, we provide top-quality solutions for windows that ensure optimal energy efficiency and help your family save money on energy bills, heating, and cooling costs.

Contact us TODAY to find out more about our energy-efficient window glass options and get a free estimate for your home!

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