How Glass Shelves Enhance The Space Of A Small Bathroom?


If you’re looking for creative ways to organize your small bathroom, then you should consider installing floating glass shelves. Space is always challenging in contemporary homes, and finding the best system to optimize your bathroom space is essential. This is why shelving is the ultimate solution to organize clutter and add extra storage without encumbering the area. There’s a wide variety of glass shelving options to account for everybody’s style and aesthetic. Read along to find out how glass shelves enhance the space of a small bathroom while maintaining a clean and sophisticated presentation.

Add Shelves In The Bathroom

Bathroom Glass Shelves

Glass shelves can be both decorative and functional, depending on the placement and presentation you choose. If you’re looking to optimize the small space you’re working with; then corner shelves are the ideal option for you. Glass will brighten up your space and allow natural light to flow smoothly through the room. You also get to designate your system of organizing clutter and products based on your needs. For instance, shower essentials in corner glass shelves in the shower to place toothpaste, toothbrushes, and hand-towels near the sink, etc.

More often, the space above your toilet will be empty and unused. However, you can benefit from that space by placing multiple shelves to store your toilet paper, skincare products, and washcloths. Installing glass shelves outside your medicine cabinet is a great way to organize your toiletries. This is perfect when you don’t have enough space in your bathroom to store all of your products. It also adds an airier and luxurious flair in contrast to the compact design of your bathroom cabinet.

Why Does Space Matter In Contemporary Bathroom Design?

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Your bathroom is your sanctuary; it’s where you relax, indulge in some skincare, or the occasional soothing bath. This is why you must design a functional yet comforting space. With that said, there are some design elements you should consider in your plan, and one of them is storage. Not only aesthetically pleasing storage but one that saves time and money as well. A lot of people opt for glass shelves to store, organize and display their products, and for a good reason. An optimal bathroom is a space where you can get ready with minimal frustration. So you need to have everything within reach for easier access.

When you use bathroom wall shelves, everything is visible and stored for you to grab and go. Glass is always recommended for enhancing your space and adding a glamorous flair, especially in smaller bathrooms. It’s much more convenient when you can directly see where your products are. It also allows you to fill up the corners of the room, organize clutter, add function, and show your personality. When you have all of your products on display, it also motivates you to keep everything neat and organized.

Available Types And Shapes That Improve Bathroom Space

  • Rectangle Glass Shelves

Rectangle Glass Shelves

Rectangle glass shelves are the ultimate timeless storage unit everyone needs. This classic design exudes a minimalistic flair that every urban aesthetic enthusiast seeks. Rectangles shelves are also the perfect way to add some character and pizzazz into your bathroom. Just because it’s one of the least “populated” areas in your house, doesn’t mean you get to neglect it. If anything, it should be at the very top of your home improvement list of projects.

Get some succulents, scented candles, or any prized trinkets to jazz up space with your unique personal touch. If we are speaking decorations, as the saying goes, the sky’s the limit. The beauty of the rectangular shelf’s perennial design is that it can accommodate any design aesthetic, modern, rustic, or bohemian.

  • Quarter-Circle Glass Shelves

Quarter-Circle Glass Shelves

Quarter-circle glass shelves are the perfect display for your products, plants, and knickknacks. Not only are they exquisite and practical, but they also offer the ideal storage solution for small spaces. Our quarter-circle glass shelves will provide you with an efficient yet tasteful way to organize your bathroom.

Nothing is more frustrating than packed bathroom drawers that refuse to open. A small space can quickly turn into a cluttered disaster if you don’t keep everything clean and tidy. The best way to do that is by storing all of your most-used products within reach. Install a couple of quarter-circle glass shelves in the corner of your shower and compartmentalize. Pure frustration is when you’re late for work, and you can’t find your sunscreen or lip balm. Having everything stacked out in the open will save you so much time and save you from distress in the long run.

  • Triangle Glass Shelves

When you’re dealing with cramped bathrooms that barely fit the essentials, you need all the extra space that you can get. You must figure out clever systems to utilize the space you have while still maintaining your refined aesthetic. Triangle glass shelves have the power to transform your bathroom from an absolute mess into a serene and refreshing environment. A bathroom remodel doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get new tiling or lavish marble countertops. Get some triangle glass shelves to brighten up your corners and bring some order into the room.

  • Curved/ Bent Glass Shelves

Curved - Bent Glass Shelves

With our curved and bent glass shelves, you can finally create the Pinterest worthy bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. All you need is a good system and a few design elements to spruce up even the dullest of spaces. Get creative with contrasts of heights and shapes for a contemporary presentation. Or install a floor-to-ceiling floating glass shelving unit for that sleek store display arrangement.

Your bathroom is a sacred space, and it should feel like one. It’s where you get ready in the morning and “unready” at night. So you want to do everything you can to turn that space into a peaceful and inspiring one. At Fab Glass and Mirror, we offer custom-cut glass shelves designed explicitly in the thickness, size, and shape you want. So, get your personalized set of glass shelves, channel your inner Marie Kondo, and get ready for some serious decluttering.

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