How Hard Is It To Break Into An Armored Door?


Armored Door Security

When we are thinking of home, the very first thing that is our main concern is safety. Sometimes, we use wooden and steel doors for our protection. In that case, the armored door has been introduced. However, the question remains how hard is it to break into an armored door?

From our research, the armored door is the most powerful and long-lasting in recent times. That’s why it is the favorite one of thousands of people around us. Why? Read the following part.

How Hard Is It To Break Into An Armored Door?

Research shows most burglars come from the front gate, and some choose the back door. Most of the time, those doors are not secured enough to protect your home, and they break down the door easily.

As a result, there is a chance of a threat to your sweet home. By keeping these things in mind, the experts say that using an armored door is quite safe as it requires a hard attempt to break down the door.

How Many Satchels Do You Need To Break Down An Armored Door?

It is an essential issue of how hard it is. Is this door breakable or not? Usually, by our research, we have seen that wooden doors and double wooden doors required two satchel charges to be appropriately destroyed.

The sheet metal double door needs four satchel charges to destroy it properly. These are considered the weakest security ever while using it for any particular purpose. For an armored door, it might take almost 12 satchels to break it down.

So you can think of its longevity and specialty for any work. You might say it will take a long time to break down the door. Meanwhile, if you have a smart security system, it will be automatically notified to the police, and the thieves or burglars will not be able to harm your office.

What About C4 to Destroy An Armed Door?

An armed door will stay strong against heavy bullet fire. It can protect you from any tool or two blasts from time explosives. Scientists have said that it has 800 health and needs two charges to destroy it entirely.

If we talk about the rocket, then it might need 15 rockets to destroy an armed wall. If we compare it to the woods, stone, and sheet metal, it will be 2,4, and 8 rockets. So armored doors are two times stronger than metal.

Exclusive Bullets That Are Needed For An Armored Door To Destroy

A wooden door needs 18 explosives Ammos to destroy, whereas the garage and an armored door will need 150 and 200 explosive materials to ruin.

If we compare it to the garage door, you need an additional 50 ammo to destroy it. It is tough to destroy an armored door. We cannot say it is non-breakable, but you might need extra effort to destroy it.

The Special Quality Of An Armored Door

It is considered a hinged door that is built with high-quality metal and gears. It can be locked with a traditional locking system or code lock. You can ensure high security by adding a difficult code lock. People say it is the strongest and most damaged resilient door of all time.

Having an armored door at the main residence could be a deterrent against the smugglers or raiders. There are different types of armored doors, and they have different uses too. They are a hinged door, sliding door, flush-to-wall door, and folding door to serve you for any security purposes.

Final Few Words | How Hard Is It To Break Into An Armored Door?

An armored door can be 4 to 8 times stronger than a traditional door and will ensure its users’ extra safety and security. Some people love to add some extra security in modern houses or apartments, and an armored door could be the best option for them.

If you are concerned about the security issue, you can choose an armored door without hesitation. You do not need to take panic about it. Install the door and enjoy it. I hope you guys have understood the accuracy of an armored door.

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