How Long Does It Take To Fit A Boiler?


Boiler Installation

Removing an old boiler and replacing it with a new one is essential, especially before the winter months when boilers can be turned on for weeks without going off. Therefore, you should need to contact RGI-certified experts to install a new boiler on your chosen date. With LeinsterGas Ltd, you can be certain of high-quality service. They have years of experience installing industry-leading Worcester Bosch, Viessmann and Ideal boilers alongside many other top brands.

During this period, an energy-efficient combi boiler is required to enhance the heating system and keep the house warm. Hence, a new boiler installation is required to keep the central heating system.

The timescale for fitting a new boiler is not fixed; it depends on the type of boiler, nature of the swap, and location. If it is a like-for-like swap in the exact location, it doesn’t take a long time compared to other swaps.

However, the fitting of the new boiler should only be done by a registered gas engineer. There are several gas engineers offering emergency boiler repair in London but picking the right choice is paramount for the well-being of the boiler.

How Long Does It Take To Fit A New Boiler?

The fastest and easiest of all boiler installation is if the old and new boiler is of the same type. This takes lesser time than other forms of installation. A typical installation of a boiler shouldn’t take more than 1 – 3 days.

Straight Boiler Swap

Straight swap remains the quickest form of installation that requires lesser time. Within 4-6 hours, the complete swapping of the boiler is completed. This applies when a boiler is broken and needs replacement with a new boiler In the same location. All necessary materials are available in the location, including the gas pipes, central heating system, and water.

The installation is easy and can be done by only one heating engineer with the right specification and model. The steps involved are only the removal of the old boiler, draining the system, disconnecting the thermostat, and fitting a new boiler. Homeowners can start using the boiler once fitted.

How Long Does It Take To Fit A Combi Boiler?

Installing a new combi boiler does not require much work if it is to replacing it with the old combi boiler. But a huge amount of work is required in replacing other types of boilers. The normal time interval for new combi boiler installations from experts like is 4 – 6 hours.

However, it must be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer with knowledge of every type of boiler. During the process, the old boiler is removed, and a combi boiler is installed after it has been cleaned with a chemical flush and a thermostat fitted. Once the boiler replacement is completed, the work area is cleaned, and the boiler is fit to use. It’s also done at an affordable price.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A System Boiler With A New Combi Boiler?

Having a system or regular boiler replaced with a new combi boiler is an excellent option but it takes more time for installation compared with a straight swap. Replacing a system boiler with combi boilers takes up to 2days.

This is because of additional work like removing the water tank and any new pipework. The gas safe engineer also needs access to the heating system, which connotes that the floorboard is lifted so that corrective works can be done with no hassle.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Back Boilers With A Combi Boiler?

This kind of boiler installation requires more work. Replacing a back boiler with a new combi boiler takes nothing less than 2 days to a complete boiler replacement. The first step is relocating the boiler to a different place in the house. It might be in the kitchen, utility room, airing cupboard, etc.

The back boiler uses a chimney to vent harmful gases like carbon monoxide, while the combi boiler uses both vertical and horizontal directions. This adds up to the high price of back boiler replacement since a new flue and pipework are required in the process.

Is Fitting A New Boiler Messy?

Fitting a new boiler can be messy sometimes, especially for those that take days for complete replacement. It might cause disruption for a few days, after which everything comes back to normalcy.

The degree of disruption depends on the type of boiler replaced, the central heating system, the pipework, and the radiator. However, the whole mess will be forgotten once the new boiler is being enjoyed.

Factors That Affect How Long It Takes To Install A New Boiler

Many factors affect the duration of the boiler installation, most of which are traced to the bulk of the work. Below are a few common factors:

  1. The Complexity Of The Installation Process

The more complex the installation process, the longer the duration of the replacement and the amount of labor required. Here are some of the forms of a complex installation:

  • Straight Swap, Same Location

This is the simplest, and it requires lesser time. It is a replacement for a boiler of the same type and location.

  • Changing Boiler Location

Changing the position of a boiler can be done in a day and at most two days. It involves moving a boiler, either new or old, to another location. The workload is huge; this is because new thermostat cables, electric power, and pipework have to be installed to make it run efficiently with minimal cost. Due to the complexity of the installations, it takes more time to complete.

  • System Upgrade

System upgrade is the most complex and requires more time, and it involves either replacing a regular or back boiler with a combi boiler. Most homeowners prefer combi boilers due to their jaw-dropping benefits, but it takes days for installation.

  1. Gas Safe Regulations Not Met

If the gas safety regulation is not met, it might take longer to complete the installation process. For instance, an old boiler of about 10 years with a pipe thickness of 15mm can no longer meet the current gas regulation policy of 22mm thickness. Hence, a new gas supply pipe of 22mm has to be installed. This process will take a longer time.

  1. Installing A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is now commonly used due to its innovative functions and level of comfortability for homeowners. It allows the control of the heating system from a tablet, smartphone, and other devices.

Some smart thermostats also have the unique function of learning about the current heating system and programming themselves to follow a normal routine. Installing a smart thermostat into a boiler will also increase the duration of installation and makes it more efficient.

  1. System Power Flush

Powerflush is a cleaning agent responsible for removing any sludge, debris, or rust out of a boiler. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the system by sending a chemically infused liquid at high speed through the pipe and radiator. This process can take up to 5 hours to complete, which makes the installation process longer.

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