How Long Does It Take To Repair A Garage Door?


Garage Door

Depending on the extent of the repairs needed for your garage door, a repair could take anywhere from three to five hours. You can avoid having to do garage door repairs by performing routine maintenance constantly. But, if you have significant problems, it is best to get a professional garage door repair in Virginia Beach to perform an inspection and do the repairs for you. You can have a simple problem like a spring repair, which could only take 30 minutes, or you may require your cables repaired, which can take a few hours.

And, with our busy schedules, we do not always have the time to fix our garage doors. These are some common problems that can happen to your garage door.

  1. Broken Garage Door Opener

There are many reasons why your garage door opening may not be working. Some reasons could be that your photo-eye is blocked, your power source is disrupted, or your garage door opener is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

  1. Faulty Springs

The extension or torsion springs are connected to the cables and pulleys. The springs give counterforce to the door’s weight, which allows the garage door to be raised and lowered by the garage door opener. Unfortunately, over time, your springs can become worn due to constant use. If you notice it is hard to open your garage door by lifting it manually or your garage door has trouble opening, it is time to repair your springs. Repairing your springs is something you may want to leave to a professional, though. If you try to fix them yourself, you could get seriously injured in the process.

  1. Overused Garage Door

Unfortunately, there are instances where the whole garage door may need to be repaired. Garage doors can last around fifty years, but if you do not do routine maintenance to your garage door or use your garage door often, it could wear out after about ten to fifteen years. Calling a professional company to do a thorough inspection will help you determine whether you need a few repairs to your garage door or you need a replacement.

When you can do routine maintenance on your garage door, it will help prolong its life, but if you run into more significant problems, be sure to call a professional to ease your worries and take care of the problems for you.

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  1. I want to make sure that I take good care of my garage door, but I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to fix it for me! They would be able to handle things properly.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that faulty springs can be very common in garage doors. That might be the exact problem that I’m facing right now so I will need to get a garage door repair service very soon. I don’t know for sure though so some troubleshooting will still have to be done.

  3. It’s good to know that a professional should repair springs. My garage door springs seem to be broken. I’ll have to look into getting them repaired by a professional.

  4. It helped me when you mentioned that if you have trouble opening the garage door by lifting it manually then it is the best time to have a spring repair. My uncle ​is hoping to find an expert on repairing their garage door as it was damaged last weekend and he is afraid to fix it on his own. Rest assured that I will tell him that he should consult reliable garage door services to be safe as they have adequate knowledge to do it.

  5. Thanks for reminding us that when looking to have our garage door fixed due to a faulty spring, it is best that we have the garage door replaced. It makes sense for us to have them replaced as it is more efficient and cost-effective. Assuming I need to have them replaced, I will look at hiring a reliable contractor to get the job done.

  6. Thanks for helping me understand that the springs need repair when it is quite hard to lift the garage door. I guess we need a garage door repair as soon as possible because I experienced that this morning. I almost got late to my appointment because it took me too long to completely open it.

  7. I like how you mentioned that it is important to identify the problem to prevent it from making accidents. I have a cousin who thinks that their garage door is broken as it is not opening and closing properly, and asked me if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this helpful article, I’ll be sure to tell him that they can consult garage door repair services as they can answer all their inquiries.

  8. I can see how hiring a garage door repair expert makes it easier to determine why your door is acting up. My friend talked about how his boss was late for work because of his malfunctioning garage. He should probably share this information with him since it’s probably a defective door spring.

  9. It’s interesting to know that garage doors would last about 50 years with proper routine maintenance. With that in mind, we should probably have a garage motor repair service, since we’ve been only here for a decade. It’s because the door hasn’t been closing completely since last night.

  10. I appreciate that you explained the importance of having proper springs because it can help your garage door problems when opening. My cousin believes their garage door needs to be fixed since it is not opening and shutting correctly, and he asked if I had any suggestions. Thanks to your enlightening article, I’ll be sure to advise him that garage door repair services may assist them in providing preventative garage door maintenance.

  11. I’m glad you talked about garage doors and how to identify a damaged one. The other day, I visited my sister’s house and noticed how she had some issues when opening her garage door. I’m worried about the door falling on her car or worse, so I’ll be sure to suggest she looks for repair services. Thanks for the advice on failing springs and why we should fix them with a professional’s help.

  12. It’s awesome that this article talked about the cables and pulleys are linked to the extension or torsion springs. The springs counteract the weight of the garage door, allowing it to be lifted and lowered by the garage door opener. Since it was there eight years ago, our garage door will be needing repair this time. It stuck in the middle of the door jam. I will see a garage door service soon to address the problem.

  13. I found it interesting when you said the springs counteract the weight of the garage door, allowing it to be lifted and lowered by the garage door opener. I used to think differently about this and now it makes more sense. What you said about garage door spring repair was really interesting to me.

  14. You have done a fantastic job putting this together! Thank you for this engaging and informative content. I am looking forward to your other posts!

  15. My garage door hasn’t been working right, and I’m not sure why. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to help me out with this. They would be able to ensure that I put everything together properly.

  16. A problem with springs is something I can feel is really important to get solved as early as possible. If you don’t, the entire door could break and come loose on someone, injuring them greatly. I’ll make sure this is something that I look into by hiring a local garage expert in the area.


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