How Many Floors Can A Loft Conversion Add To My Property?


A Loft Conversion

If you’re considering investing in beautiful new loft conversion in London or any big city, you may wonder how it will change your home overall. Exactly how many floors can a loft conversion add to your property? This is a common question asked by many homeowners interested in this valuable construction project.

The answer isn’t straightforward, so let’s take a closer look to get a better understanding of this common construction quandary:

How Many Floors Can A Loft Conversion Add To My Property?

The truest answer is one. This is because the loft is a space that is usually only suitable for storage. After all, the floor is not reinforced. So when you convert it, you turn it into one extra floor of your home.

Even when you have a skylight conversion, the simplest form of loft conversion, the loft is only transformed into a new floor that you did not have before. Roof windows are added, the floor is reinforced, and other essential changes are made to enable you to utilize the space.

With more elaborate conversions like hip to gable or dormer conversions, the essence of the change is the same, even if the square footage of usable space has changed. The loft is converted into a usable space that was not there before, but it is still only one extra floor.

Of course, in some cases, the loft space has always been used to some degree, perhaps with reinforced flooring added but no real change to the usable space. In this instance, what you add with a conversion to this kind of space is more usability, but not an extra floor as such.

Where things get a little more confusing is with regulations surrounding what you can officially label that loft conversion space as. Now we know that the conversion creates extra usable space for you, we know how that space is defined by you, but this definition is not the same for how a property can officially be described.

There are currently strict guidelines on officially calling a loft conversion a bedroom. First, you may need to pass building regulations and gain permission to have the loft conversion in the first place. Then there are further regulations to actively list it as an extra bedroom ‘officially.’ These regulations will likely involve:

  • Headroom recommendations
  • Insulation requirements
  • Fire and safety compliance, including escape route headspace
  • An entire staircase is being added

The regulations are always changing, and it is essential to be aware of them before any conversion takes place. This is especially true if it is essential that you can officially list this conversion as an extra bedroom (and, therefore, an extra floor of your property). For example, if you’re trying to add value to your property for a prospective buyer.

If you don’t need to officially list it as a bedroom, you only need to meet the regulations to have the space as a loft conversion in the first place. In addition, some loft conversion types don’t necessarily need planning permission, such as a Dormer style conversion. So if you don’t mind listing or categorizing the new loft space as general storage or recreational space and not an extra floor or bedroom, there’s no need to follow the extra regulations.

Speak To A Professional Loft Conversion Company For Advice

If you do need your loft conversion to be listed as an extra floor or bedroom, speak to the professionals. A respected and knowledgeable construction company like Clapham Construction Service can help. They can discuss all the current building laws and regulations in your area and how they might apply to your property.

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