How Many Rooms And Space Do You Really Need In Your New House: Experts Answer


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If you are considering the idea of purchasing a new house, you’re in the right place. There are a ton of questions you’re probably asking yourself. For example, how many rooms and space do I need?

We’ll answer this question shortly. Before we continue, it’s important to know that the needs and preferences will differ from one homebuyer to another. However, these tips shared by top Real Estate agents below will give us insights on how much is just right compared to too much.

If you are a homebuyer, this guide might be helpful in the decision-making process. You may make a process of elimination due to having too many rooms or too much space. But, you’ll find your ‘just right’ home soon enough.

Let’s dive right in and answer this burning question and provide you with more expert real estate insights.

How Much Room And Space Do You Really Need?

This answer will depend on several factors. First, how large is your family? The larger the size, the more room and space you’re going to need.

There’s really no other way to say it. It might not be ideal for a family of six to live in a two-bedroom house when there are two adults and four kids. A five-bedroom house could be ideal, but if some of the kids are younger, they could benefit from sharing a bedroom.

So five bedrooms may seem like a bit much at first. But that’s up to you, and it may depend on the age of your children. A three-bedroom house may be enough assuming you have two kids in each room.

What you’ll want to be aware of is that the ideal amount of square feet per person ranges from 600 to 700. An average house will be three times this. A family of six may find a home ranging from 3600 to 4200 square feet to be the ideal house.

While this is a good rule of thumb to use 600 to 700 multiplied by the number of people in your family, it comes down to how much space you are comfortable with.

Not to be outdone, there are other factors that you still need to consider. This includes but is not limited to the following:


Of course, the larger the home, the higher the price. Granted, you may find similar-sized homes at a price point you desire. This may be due to the location it’s in, how close it may be to points of interest, and more.

So home on the outskirts of town with the same desired measurements, you look for may be cheaper than one located in a suburban neighborhood. You’ll want to take a look at your financial outlook as you go.

Because the house you choose will also come with its share of upkeep and maintenance costs, one house will have lower costs while another may be slightly higher. So consider your financial situation after you buy the house.

Are you willing to make the payments for any recurring maintenance charges? If not, you may need to find another house that may have lesser costs. Yes, you may pay too much for these costs, and it can eat away at your personal finances.

You want to think ahead in terms of your financial future rather than fly blind and get buyer’s remorse.

What Is The Ideal Layout?

Do you want one level or a two-story house? What is considered your ideal layout? Some homebuyers may have one in mind for one reason or another.

For example, you may want your master bedroom located on the top level, but one of the rooms facing the front yard. Or you may fancy a nice backyard view. If you want to live in a two-story house, it might not be the smartest idea to have one bedroom stacked on top of another.

If you value your sleep, you don’t want the upstairs neighbors making noise and disturbing you in the process, right? You may even find that a certain bedroom may be facing a specific direction, and it may be the reason why you sleep better at night.

For example, one-bedroom may face the backyard instead of the street. This means less noise and more peaceful sleep.

How Many Bedrooms And Bathrooms?

With the amount of size that is ideal for your house, it now comes down to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you might have. If you have a family of six, it may make sense to have two bathrooms at max. A third one may be just fine, assuming it’s attached to the master bedroom.

There should be at least one bathroom that can be used for general use. However, if you are planning on buying a house with more than one, you may want to reserve one that will be fitting for guests. Think about the family size you have and how many guests you’re expecting over on a regular basis.

If you have a large family and regular guests, it would be crazy to have one bathroom that everyone has to use. Otherwise, if you have a small family and don’t expect too many guests over, one bathroom should be sufficient enough.

Again, it depends on the living situation and anything else that may arise. Plus, you may be wishing for an extra bathroom when someone else may be in there and take a while.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a home, deciding on how much room and space you need will be key. Look no further than the size of your family. A small family living in a large home won’t make a lot of sense.

So if need be, keep it to an ideal size, even if it’s small. Also, consider your current financial situation. You don’t want to spend too much money on too much room. Spend an amount that you can afford and get the space that is ideal for you.

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