How Much Does It Cost To Get An Apartment Professionally Cleaned?


Professionally Cleaning Service

End of lease cleaning is the most crucial process for every tenant. It is the quality of cleaning on which the tenants get their bond money. If the real estate agent or landlord does not like your cleaning work, they will pay only half the amount.

Some tenants think the end of lease cleaning is not beneficial for the rental property. They prefer cleaning their homes themselves over professional cleaning. But this often gives terrible results. So, the best decision is to get the affordable packages of apartment end of lease cleaning Melbourne.

Cost Of End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

The cost of the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is different for different rental properties. It varies according to the land area, soil type, materials, and other factors. Generally, the end of lease cleaning costs between $400 and $600 in Melbourne for 2 or 3 bathroom houses. This cost includes everything from room cleaning to outdoor space cleaning charges.

Why Is The End Of Lease Cleaning A More Preferable Option Than Normal Cleaning?

Tenants do not get enough time to clean the entire property before the end of the lease period. The main reasons to choose the end of lease cleaning service are:

  1. Cleaning Of Full Home

No tenant is professional in cleaning work. You might forget to sweep the floors or wash the walls. Hiring professional cleaners will give you the best quality of cleaning work. It includes full home cleaning from doors to backyards.

End of lease cleaners will mop the floors and remove the stains from the walls. They also clean the bathroom, toilet seats, outdoor spaces, and hallways.

  1. Eco-Friendly Products

Professional cleaners use safe and eco-friendly disinfectants and products to clean the rooms. These products do not cause skin allergies or health hazards.

  1. Experienced Team

End of lease cleaners have a long experience, and they will not cause any damage in the home. They also do work professionally.


If you want the best quotes for end of lease cleaning, you can fill an online form. You may also get huge discounts at the end of lease cleaning packages.

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