How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioners?


Install Air Conditioner

Many factors affect how much a particular air conditioning system installation costs. Therefore, a professional company must offer an accurate estimate in a particular case, which analyzes the specifics of the unit as well as where it is to be located.

Because of this, H-Town AC Repair specialists can specify more precise costs – whether you’re interested in installing air conditioning in your home, apartment, or office. As part of the services, the cost of the tools and materials used are charged.

The estimation done by the installer is aimed at analyzing the most important factors that have the most impact on the cost of air conditioning installation.

  • There is no denying that the specifics of the equipment itself are essential. Some installers will not undertake an installation if the equipment purchased is of questionable quality. It can happen that some of its elements will be damaged during assembly. And no one wants to take responsibility for this.
  • Do not forget about the peculiarities of the installation site. If you need to use special scaffolding or an elevator, installation costs will naturally increase.
  • An additional difficulty will also be the integration of the air conditioner with other systems already operating in the house, such as ventilation.

The Cost Of Installing An Air Conditioner: The Most Important Factors

The most important issue that affects the cost of air conditioning installation is the distance between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. This is so important because it determines the length of electrical and copper wiring required for use. To determine the approximate cost of air conditioning installation in your home, you need to consider the area of the room, the weight, and the type of equipment.

Factors that ultimately will determine the cost of the entire event:

  • The distance between the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner is measured – to calculate the cost of wiring and freon pipeline;
  • Amount and duration of work – the considerable distance between indoor and outdoor units, thickness and number of walls, the height of the room and system location in it (necessity to use ladders and elevators), time of day when installation work can be carried out – all these factors also affect the cost;
  • System’s level of complexity – installation of monoblock or portable conditioner is cheaper, installation of multi split-system is more expensive (especially when additional equipment and materials are needed and when a whole team of specialists has to take part);
  • Air conditioner connection to the ventilation system of the building;
  • Additional works – room decoration and so-called hidden installation (hiding of cables in the wall, installation of special decorative frames, etc.).

Features Of Installation Of Air Conditioners

An external block of an air conditioner is usually set and mounted on the balcony or under the window. The price for air conditioner installation does not include additional use of equipment for installation and involvement of steeplejacks. All possible connections are taken into account, but those that do not require special devices (fittings and couplings), additional topping up with refrigerant, or soldering.

To lay a drain with a hose outlet from the corrugation, it is necessary to apply the drainage of accumulated water. Install the visible parts of the freon line in a decorative box sixty to sixty centimeters, but no more than half a meter. To lay the visible parts of the power supply communication cables in the decorative box. It is obligatory for a specialist, for an additional fee, to wire the cable to connect the air conditioners to the network.

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