How Much Does It Cost To Your Home Improvement In 2021? Know Everything!



We will demonstrate in this article how we arrived at the values ​​at the end for Your Home Improvement. Variations can be predictable and controlled throughout the work process. There are standards and ranges of values ​​that will determine your budget.

How Much Does The Apartment Renovation Project Cost Here In Small Renovations?

Design And Layout

The beginning of everything is the project. It is with him that we will define all the guidelines of the work until its delivery. The project tends to vary according to the complexity it demands. These values ​​can range from R $ 2,000.00 to R $ 6,000.00 according to the property’s length. We are talking about matters ​​for complete projects in all environments. We are considering images from all environments (3D).

Technical Work Report – ART or RRT

“The ABNT Reform Standard (NBR 16.280: 2015) establishes the stages of Home Improvement works and lists the requirements for before, during, and after a Home Improvement in a building or unit. Any construction work that changes or compromises the safety of the building or its surroundings must be submitted to the analysis of the builder/developer and the designer within the decadent term (after which the guarantee expires). After this period, it requires a technical report signed by an engineer or architect and urban planner and authorization expressed by the owner. The rule definitively removes the so-called handyman, the curious or the amateur – and favors good technique. ” source

They may vary according to the jobs to be performed. It is the most important part of the documentation to start your work.

Contracts And Spreadsheets

After having the entire project process, it starts everywhere for the effective referral of the contracting of works. Based on the project information, a contract is created that can have variables that are:

  • Labor only. In this case, the client is in charge of all materials until the moment of execution of the services.
  • Labor and basic materials. In this form of contracting, we make all the purchases of basic materials to perform the services. The basic materials are defined in the contract in advance.
  • Single Contract: All contracted services will include labor and material in all processes, without the customer having to make any purchase during the entire process.

Construction management is 7% to 10% over the amount spent on renovating an apartment.

Preliminary Services

This is the process that every complete work will go through. These are processes where we have the demolition phase, removal of materials, cuts to infrastructure (which are changes in electrical, hydraulic, air conditioning, etc.), removal of what will be reused, among other procedures. Anyway, it’s time to get the work started. (average 7% of the budget.)

Civil Works

We are already one step ahead, which is the process of reconstruction and putting everything in place. Where we start to put the walls where they are restricted in the project, for example. Countless processes make up this very important phase, although many do not take this detail into account. They are important because after them comes every part of detailing and finishing. Adjustments, corners, plumbs, squares will all be checked when installing the finishes. (average 13% of the budget.)


The stage that must be taken into account due to its complexity, considering that it requires accredited professionals to provide you with the part that will make your apartment work daily. Electrical, hydraulics, automation, air conditioning, data, and network are many important points to make your apartment better. (average 20% of the budget.)


We can define painting, coatings, floors, marbles, and granites, among other finishes that may not have a large volume in values. There is a wide range of values ​​for these materials as, for example, there may be prices for porcelain tiles from R $ 45 to R $ 1000 per m2. With this example, much of your budget is in these processes. (Average 30% of the budget.)

It is one of the last processes in the Home Improvement of your apartment. Place where you will store all your belongings, i.e., it will also be the most used together with your infrastructure in your day today. It can be planned joinery that is modular according to each company’s standard, or it can be tailor-made, which is made exclusively for you with all the details chosen. Please consider that it is the final finish of your work, so it is one of the most expensive processes. (average 25% of the budget.)

See How It Was The Price Of The Home Improvement

As explained above, your work may have great variations depending on what is used in the choice of materials mainly. A simpler Home Improvement can cost R $ 600 m2. We are considering all the aspects mentioned above. A project with all the points above with higher levels of detail can reach up to R $ 5,000 m2

Quantity Is Different From Quality, And Processes Are Standardized, But Concepts Are Not!

The first part needed is the floor plan of the place that resides or the enterprise in question. With that, we can be more assertive in our budget.

We Classify The Reform Into 4 Types:

  1. Simple Reform: A reform without much interference and very fast so that it has agility. For those in immediate need. It should last up to 2 to 3 weeks, depending on what is requested.
  1. Standard Home Improvement: It is a quick renovation, but with more interventions, as well as plaster, extraordinary paintings, and changes in coatings without changing the layout of the property.
  1. Customized Reform: Perhaps this is a reform that requires more planning, although all planning is fundamental. But in this category, as there are many interventions, it is always necessary to be supported by an executive project of the work. This avoids unnecessary spending and greater control of the budget.
  1. Complete Makeover: The name says it already! It encompasses all of the points above and with a very important addition to Joinery and Marble, which are items that are worked on in the planning separately. This is because there is a greater impact on the budget, and they are carried out by a team distinct from each other.
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