How Much It Actually Costs to Install Leaf Gutters


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How much does it cost to install gutters? The answer to this question varies depending on several factors, including the gutter material type and the general labor costs in your area. As of 2019, the national average for do-it-yourself projects ranges from $624 to $1,800 for 200 linear feet of gutter line. Hiring professionals to do the job for the same length of the gutter line will set you back between $1,050 to $2,400. It should be noted that these prices do not include necessary gutter attachments such as downspouts and gutter leaf guards.

Downspouts are essential to most gutter systems, and you should always factor in its cost when you are setting aside a budget for a gutter installation project. However, should you also consider installing gutter leaf guards? The following discusses the importance, types, and costs of installing leaf gutter guards. Copper filtration systems keep homes much safer, so you must choose the best gutter guards for your home.


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Also called gutter shields, these gutter attachments help keep leaves and other roof debris from settling on your gutter line. The accumulation of leaves, debris, and dirt in your gutter can result in different kinds of damages to your home that can run up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Leaves can clog up your downspouts, rendering your gutter system ineffective in draining rainwater from your roof and away from your home. Leaves and other debris such as branches, roofing materials, and small dead animals can also bunch up somewhere along your gutter and create pools of stagnant water. These pools of water will cause some sections of your gutter to sag and speed up corrosion.

Leaf gutter guards can help prevent these problems. If your home is surrounded by trees, then leaf guards are an essential consideration for you. The alternative to installing this gutter attachment is to use a ladder to clamber up to your roof regularly to clear away leaves, debris, and dirt from your gutter.


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Below are the more common types of gutter leaf guards:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Leaf Gutter Screen Guards: This is one of the most affordable leaf guards in the market costing between .20 to .40 cents per linear feet. Those with basic handyman skills can install this easily with a ladder and a few necessary tools. While these are cheap, plastic PVC gutter screen guards are flimsy and can buckle under the weight of wet leaves.
  • Aluminum Gutter Leaf Screens: While the costs of this type of leaf guard vary, most are still relatively cheap. You can install this gutter shield using fasteners or by snapping it on the gutter itself. Many prefer this type of leaf gutter shield because it offers excellent value and durability. Unless you have intermediate skills, you’ll need pros to install this type of leaf guard.
  • Steel Leaf Gutter Shields: If you want a sturdier alternative to aluminum screens, then you should consider steel gutter shields. Just like aluminum screens, you’ll need pros to install this type of leaf gutter guard. Steel shields are significantly pricier, costing about $1.50 to $3 per linear feet.

Other types of leaf gutter guards include micro-mesh screens, foam guards, brush guards, and solid metal gutter helmets.

Cost of Installation

Gutter Installation

If you are installing the leaf gutter guard yourself, the cost can range from 50 cents per linear feet for plastic screens, $1.50 for aluminum guards, and up to $6 per feet for solid metal helmets. The cost of professional installation services ranges from $1.85 to $3.75 per linear feet of gutter.

It is essential to keep in mind that installing leaf gutter guards will not eliminate your gutter’s maintenance requirements. However, it will make it so much easier and might even extend the rated service life of your gutter system.


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