How Much Lawn Can An Electric Lawn Mower Handle?


Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

Gasoline-powered engines seem to be on their way out, as people become more aware of their contribution to global warming. While cars have experienced the most significant disruption by electric engines, lawn mowers are catching up. The preference of electric lawn mowers is growing (see top products in UK), not just for their energy efficiency, but also for the fact that they are quiet. However, like the electric car engine, electric lawn mower engines have a limitation of range. A common question by people looking to buy them is, how much lawn can an electric lawn mower handle?

Well, that depends on your needs, since there are two types of electric lawnmowers, namely: The battery-powered one and the corded one. Usually, for someone with a huge lawn, the battery-powered one would be most ideal. That’s because it gives you the flexibility to move around. This means the faster you can move, the more lawn you can handle before the battery runs out. Besides, they come with different battery sizes. Some of them have a battery that can last for more than an hour. For anyone experienced enough, that’s enough time to cover a significant lawn.

On top of that, the batteries are lithium-ion, which means you can always recharge and continue if it’s a significantly huge lawn. After mowing for over an hour, you sure deserve some snack time, while your equipment battery recharges. After all, even with a gasoline-powered one, you would still rest after a while, so its fair game.

But what if you have a small lawn? Well, in such a case, a corded electric lawn mower would do the trick. Such a lawn mower is usually connected to a power source, which means you can’t cover much distance. However, this doesn’t mean that the cord is too short for it to be practical. It’s pretty long. A corded lawn mower can comfortably handle the average lawn for most homes. The best thing about a corded lawn mower is that there is no downtime. So long as you have a reliable power source, you should be in a position to go for as long as you wish.

At this point, you do have an idea of which type of electric lawn mower best serves your needs. The challenge now is in finding a specific brand that matches everything you are looking for. Well, this shouldn’t be a problem. Reviews are a powerful tool in finding a lawn mower brand that meets your needs. For instance, The Tool Report is a fantastic review for electric lawn mower brands. They let you in on the features of different lawn mower brands, especially on their capabilities. By going through this review, you should be in a position to form an informed opinion on the best electric lawn mower type and the brand that best serves your needs. Making use of such a review can save you lots of money since there is zero chance of buying the wrong mower.

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  1. Very informative article and something I have some interest in.My old lawn mower was a lug around flymo, having said that I picked it up for nothing so cant complain. However due to changes in circumstances I managed to pick up a cordless lawn mower from Warrior Eco Power Equipment and have never looked back. Its a great garden tool to use, very light and self propelled. The bag is big enough to hold the full cut of my small garden and the re-charge is pretty quick at around 40 mins.


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